3-4-20 Wednesday

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The kittens turned 3 weeks old yesterday!

Their weight gain slowed down a lot in the past couple of days, so I’ve started supplementing (Caroline LOVED kitten formula last year, so I thought to offer some in a dish to Isabella, who is also a big fan.) None of the kittens seem too impressed with the formula or the bottle yet, but it generally takes a few days for them to catch on. No one has lost weight, everyone’s gaining, everyone’s still nursing fine, I’d just like to see the numbers a tad higher. (This is roughly the age when I started supplementing the Half Pints last year, so maybe it’s something about this age.)

Of note: Alejandro’s no longer the biggest in the litter (that could change, of course), but Pablo’s still the smallest. They’ve all got teeth and Carmelita and Alejandro were happy to put the ol’ chomperoo on me so I’d know it. They’re beginning to wrestle with each other, they’re all starting to come out of the crate (even skeptical Diego and Javier) though they still spend the majority of their time in there. They think I’m weird but interesting. Babies are growing up!

Here are their weights – current weight followed by birth weight.
Alejandro: Currently 14.3 oz (birth weight: 5.1)
Javier: 14.6 oz (3.8)
Diego: 14.4 oz (4.1)
Pablo: 12 oz (3.8)
Carmelita: 14.2 oz (4.8)

(And another week has passed wherein I haven’t added their weight chart to their page. I wonder if I’ll get it done before they’re all adopted out.)


Talking about the bottle babies up there made me go find this video of bottle feeding the Half Pints and how seriously CUTE were they?

YouTube link


Alejandro has a think.

Carmelita admires her claws.

Alejandro up against the milk bar wall.

Sleepy Diego.

Alejandro and Diego keep an eye on me.

“Watching you, lady. Watching. YOU.”

Pile o’ sleepy cute.

OH, those little faces.

It’s a rough life, Pablo.

I walked in yesterday morning to find this going on. At first I thought it was just Alejandro at the bar, but realized that Carmelita was there, too. Isabella’s pretty sure it’s my fault.


Alice enjoys the three seconds of sun we got recently (picture taken through the needing-to-be-washed window).

YouTube link


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3-4-20 Wednesday — 2 Comments

  1. It’s funny that the 2 smallest kittens at birth are now the biggest and smallest. Such a bunch of cuties!

  2. Diego has such a serious grumpy face! I’m betting, though, that one day he will just bloom like a flower and be soooo cute. (He’s cute now, of course.)