3-5-20 Thursday

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A sleepy bunch of muffins – except for the ever-alert Carmelita.

Lookin’ grumpy ’cause Mama just got up and walked away while they were nursing. RUDE.

Alejandro (left) and Pablo. When they’re near each other, I have NO problem telling them apart. When I’m looking at a picture of just one of them and can’t remember who it is, it’s a little harder. There’s a definite size difference, and Pablo’s a bit lighter – he looks more frosted than Alejandro. But they’re so similar in the face!

Alejandro. (I’d follow this with a picture of Pablo by himself, but the one I had was way too blurry!)

Javier’s watching me.

Here comes Carmelita…

Straight into my lap!

Diego, Carmelita and Alejandro take in the view.

Mama stops by to check out the situation (Javier back there mid-yawn looks like he’s yelling “HI, MAMA!”)

Mama moves on, leaving Diego with a wet head.

Diego, skeptical.


Archie’s not fond of this rain situation, folks.


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3-5-20 Thursday — 5 Comments

  1. That just may be the cutest picture of Archie you’ve ever gotten! Just his adorable little face with zero grump factor! <3

  2. I think you should take a picture of grumpy Diego in the mug with Francois’s face on it. That would really make me smile (okay I would laugh and laugh) cause I love grumpy old man Diego’s face and also Francois’s smile.

  3. I am left with the distinct impression that Carmelita is the snugglebug of this lot.