3-6-20 Friday

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So, when did the ears start popping up?

They don’t really pop up, they kind of slowly eek upwards. Imagine a very quiet rusty-hinge sound as it’s happening. I think they kind of start moving up ever so slowly not long after they’re born, and then at 3 weeks they’re in position so that the kittens actually look like little cats instead of formless blobs of cute.


Are Pablo’s teeth growing in? I see two little white nubs in his smile.

Yep, they’ve all got teeth now!


I love the pic of Carmelita eyeing her mom. How did you get such a great pic without having mom obliterate the view?

I think it’s worthy of a wall hanging or other merch. I’d love a copy of it.

I wish I had a great story for you, but I happened to look down and see her looking up at Isabella, held the camera down near floor-level and took the pic. So basically, the camera did the focusing and the hard work, I just held it in the right place.

That pic is now available (I cropped and lightened it a bit) at the Zazzle shop on metal print and also as a photo print.

(Side note: if you guys ever see a pic that you’d like to have on any of the kind of merchandise Zazzle offers, just say the word. I’ve been creating mostly prints and mugs, but Zazzle offers a LOT of stuff and it’s much easier to deal with than CafePress was.)


I NEED TO HEAR THAT KHAL MEOW. Any chance you can video it?

I’m working on it!


I’m sorry you’re dealing with two kitties getting close to the end of their lives. You might find this helpful. The Feline Quality of Life scale developed by Dr. Villalobos who has an oncology and palliative care practice. It’s here. And her webpage, which also links to this is here. Good thoughts for both of your guys.

Also: Pawspice Quality of Life Scale.

A few people sent me these links, thank you so much. I’m sharing them here in case anyone else might find them helpful too.


Oh Diego, your serious little face kills me dead.

Diego, Pablo, and Javier keeping an eye on me.

Diego decided to nope on back to the crate.

“You buggin’ my babies, lady?”

Alejandro and Carmelita get their wrassle on.

It’s been one of those days. (Isabella LOVES that scratcher.)


“I’m gonna CLIMB THIS THING!” Carmelita declared, then got about three inches up from the floor and cried for help.

Alejandro and Pablo kinda posing for a picture, with Carmelita back there staring off into space.

“You kinda weird, but that’s okay, lady.” Thanks, Pablo.


Impossibly beautiful Khal (straight out of the camera, no filters, no editing aside from cropping. Yes, he really IS that gorgeous.)


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  1. That picture of Khal Drogo shows off just how majestic he is. Let’s see him and Jason Mamoa together… crazy cat people around the world would be swooning and fanning themselves (including me).

    • I’m sorry, but no man can hold a candle to the god Khal. It just goes to show that his beauty requires no Photoshopping, he’s gorgeous without it.

      Question: are Diego and Javier turning into “scaredy” cats? I’m assuming they’re getting equal pampering time. It must be genetics (personality). What do you make of it?

      Thanks for those quality of life links. Never heard of them before.