3-8-20 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr Roundup.

Alejandro has a wahhhhh.

“Oh, hi.” Pablo takes a look around.

Well, I wasn’t expecting THIS. Pablo came stumbling out of the crate and marched excitedly over to his mama. (He wandered around for 2 or 3 minutes before giving me the sad eyes. I put him back in the crate, and he snuggled up with his siblings.)

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Those kittens were sound asleep and she stomped in, woke ’em up, and then left. (As you can tell, I was baffled. I guess no one ever told Isabella not to wake sleeping babies!)

Good night innernets.

Your morning mug o’ kitten: 14 ounces of Javier in a 20 ounce mug. ⁠ (Check out the Zazzle store to buy your own. Mug, that is. Kitten not included.)⁠

Carmelita and the ol’ razzle dazzle.

Look at those bright eyes. (Alejandro)

Alejandro is finding out that his adventures out of the crate end in baths more often than not.

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Look how casually Alejandro strolls out of that crate!

The milk bar is a bit more crowded than it used to be!

Good night innernets. (Carmelita & Javier)

Your morning mug o’ kitten: Alejandro in a Dean Creates mug. (Dean doesn’t create kittens, but he makes some REALLY cool stuff.)

“Holy moly dude, you got a BIG foot!” The goggle-eyed amazement on Carmelita’s face is killing me.

Doing their civic duty. (Upper left: Alejandro eyeballing his slacker siblings. Upper right: Diego is SO HAPPY that he got a chance to vote. Lower left: Carmelita is always so fashionable. Lower right: Alejandro would like you to know that voting is tiring business.)

It’s Tongue-out Tuesday, and Isabella’s an overachiever.

YouTube link
In this video we have not ONE, not TWO, but THREE contenders for the title of Da BAYbee. We’ve got Alejandro, in my lap, who clearly wishes I’d hush. We’ve got Pablo in the crate, who’s all earnest and “By Jove, I believe I am!” (not sure why he’s suddenly British), and then Carmelita is all “EXCUSE ME, I AM ALSO DA BAYBEE.” Who’ll be the ultimate champion? Only time will tell!

There’s been a whole lotta tussling going on lately.

Good night innernets. (That’s Pablo yawning, and Isabella’s thinking of making a run for it.)

Morning mug o’ kitten: Carmelita in a Cup of Happy soup mug (I got it in a Hallmark store; it’s made by Natural Life).

Alejandro in my lap, kicking himself in the head and getting mad that someone’s kicking him in the head. As you do.

Mama’s taking a break.

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Looks like they’re still getting their sea legs. Balancing is HARD!

“Watching you, lady. Watching. YOU.”

Good night innernets. (Javier on the top, Diego on the bottom, and random behinds in the background.)⁠

Your morning mug o’ kitten: Pablo in a Love & Hisses jumbo mug featuring former foster Francois. (Which can be found over at the Zazzle store.)

::SMOOCH:: (Alejandro & Carmelita)⁠

Her face when she realized Alejandro was coming through that hole cracked me UP.

FYI it is Thlurrrpsday, and Isabella’s got herself a mighty thlurrrp.

YouTube link
Throw Back Thursday: in 2015 when we were fostering for Challenger’s House, we had three fosters named Peter, Paul and Mary. Mary was a sassy little thing, and LOVED to spit at me if she felt I wasn’t paying enough attention to her. I managed to catch it on video – her smug little face kills me.

Pablo will sleep like an angel on his bed made of mini house panthers.

Good night innernets. (Pablo & Carmelita)⁠

Your morning mug o’ kitten: yes indeed, Diego DOES have himself a little bitty catitude. (He might be a bit less disgruntled if I could stop kissing him, but alas.) I would tell you where to find this mug, but I believe I picked it up a few years ago at TJ Maxx, and I am unable to find it online anywhere. The company that made it is called Spectrum Designz.

Those kittens come by their blepping tendencies honestly, it would appear.

“Come here, lady. I gots a knuckle sammich for you.” (Carmelita)

Right now I feel like “The Angry Meatball” might be a good nickname for Diego. (Who really is very sweet, despite his serious little face.)

YouTube link
Giving Diego a helping hand to the milk bar. He’s so confuuused.

Good night innernets. (Alejandro)

YouTube link
Javier and Diego wonder where everyone went.

Javier (pictured) and Carmelita are now wearing collars instead of dabs of fingernail polish. Let the random “THAT COLLAR IS TOO TIGHT YOU’LL STRANGLE THEMMMMMMM” comments begin. (I check collars twice a day and loosen them when need be. This is not my first time at the collaring-kittens rodeo.) I’m considering just collaring them all so they get used to wearing collars, but I’ll have to dig around in my box o’ collars and see what different colors I’ve got. (Those collars are basically just pieces of velcro – look on Amazon under “whelping collars” to find them.)

YouTube link
Carmelita is a little flirt.

Sometimes you’ve gotta stomp out of the crate and yell at the lady. ‘Cause sometimes she just needs yellin’ at, is all. Thank you for your service, Pablo.

Javier’s following Isabella around in case the milk bar should suddenly appear, and Isabella is all “When did they get MOBILE? I did not agree to this.”

Good night innernets.


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3-8-20 Weekly Roundup — 3 Comments

  1. Balancing is SUPER hard, especially when your bigger sibling falls off their feet right onto you (about :53). Good thing neither of them has very far to fall. Such adorable little puffballs.

  2. I love this video of spitty Mary. I didn’t even know cats spit until I saw this.

  3. “The Angry Meatball”, lol.

    I have to admit that having tiny kittens climb on my lap is on my bucket list. Way ahead of things like seeing the Northern Lights in the Yukon, whale watching or visiting the pyramids in Egypt.