3-9-20 Monday

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In case you’re curious, the quilt raffle raised $1,665 from 70 donors, getting Forgotten Felines ever closer to the total goal that will purchase isolation kennels.

Congrats to Cris in Wyoming – I’ll be dropping the box off at the post office this morning.

The next fundraiser aimed at raising money for the isolation kennels will be Aubrie’s bracelet auction March 28 – April 5th. You can watch the page for that (yes, I’ll be mentioning it here as well).

If you didn’t see the live video wherein we drew a name and the kittens were utterly adorable, you can see it on Facebook here.

PS: There’ll be another quilt auction in August!


Nearly a year ago, we had these girls as fosters:

That’s Amelie on the left and Esmee on the right. They were a hot mess (they and Jacques came to us with Margeaux. We were told Margeaux was their mama… Margeaux begged to differ. She wasn’t producing milk and those weren’t her kittens.) You can find Margeaux (now Elfie) and her BFF Katriane (now Neko) over at Instagram, by the way. Both Amelie and Esmee gave me fits because they just would NOT gain weight, especially Amelie. She was 9.7 ounces when we got her, and 2 1/2 weeks later she had only gained an ounce. It’s no coincidence that all three kittens finally started gaining weight when Katriane and her three kittens were added to the room, and Katriane took on the mothering duties for Amelie, Esmee and Jacques in addition to her own three.

In any case, Amelie and Esmee were adopted together (and don’t we love when that happens?) Amelie is now Kate and Esmee is now Pippa… and here they are!

Kate and Pippa enjoying the nice temps today! I can’t believe these babies are almost a year old!

Look how gorgeous! I love seeing kittens who were in such a sad state when I first got them look so amazingly good as near-adults. SO sweet.

(Thanks, Emily!)


Alejandro finds Mama’s tail fascinating.

It’s a rough life, is what it is.

Javier keeping an eye on me, while Pablo reads the side of the crate.

Isabella’s face is killing me.


When the milk bar gets up and walks away but you weren’t done nursing. Such disgruntled little faces.

The queue for the crate.

Pablo keeps an eye on me while Alejandro and Carmelita tussle in the background.

Carmelita, staring off into space.

“What doin’ weird lady?” Diego inquires.

Alejandro’s defiant little face kills me. “Dat’s my mama and I loves her.”

After a couple of days of trying to supplement the kittens with a bottle with none of them liking it at ALL, since they started gaining weight at a more acceptable rate, I gave it up. I’m still giving Isabella some formula a couple of times a day. She really likes it, but lord howdy does it make her gassy.

The kittens will be 4 weeks old tomorrow, and I expect it won’t be much longer before they get interested in trying some of her food. Javier and Alejandro are already sniffing around when she’s eating, though I think that’s more because they’re wondering what she’s so excited about.

Also (and I need to get a video of this), when I walk into the room Alejandro will run over to me. Even if I’m just going in to get some laundry or drop something off, he wakes up and comes right over. Javier has started doing it too. These babies are growing up!


It’s entirely possible that after I took this picture I said “Ha! Gotcha, Dewey!” Dewey was not impressed.


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  1. What a wonderful update! Yay! Little Amelie’s Precious Moments eyes…OMG

    “the queue for the crate” cracks me up!

  2. Carmelita’s puckers are just *chef’s kiss*

    OMG! Amélie and Esmee!!! They really blossomed! <3

  3. The more I see, the more I think this litter’s got some floof going on. I’m looking at you, Carmelita and Pablo.