3-12-21 Friday

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Are all kittens born with pink toe beans and noses and when do they start to change their color?

No, some are born with pink noses/toeses and some with black. I think some of the black toes start out as light black and darken over time – I would expect that if the light black toes we’re seeing now are going to darken into full black, it’ll happen gradually over the next few months.


Canasta does not at all mind being held on her back like a baby (that’s Fred holding her).

Slapjack’s all “I sees you, lady.”

Whist is all “Hi hi!”

Snuggly pile o’ cute.

Pinochle and Rummy, over there on the right, are mid-hiss. But it looks like they’re mocking me, doesn’t it?

“We can laugh at you if we wanna, lady.”

Uno makes a COMFY pillow.

Rummy is a handful.

So is Fizzbin (look at the size of her feet!)

Rummy’s having Deep Thoughts.

Telling secrets.

Fizzbin looks skeptical.

The kittens are two weeks old today, can you believe that? I will take their pictures and weights later today and post them on social media. It’s my goal to get them added to the sidebar and their weight chart added to their page this weekend.


Jake in the sun, lookin’ smug.


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