7-10-18 Tuesday

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Snuggly little muffins.

Buxton climbing the tree, Arundel fighting with the ess scratcher.

He is such a smug little muffin.

Fight! Fight! (Otis and Buxton)

More tree climbing.

I took this plastic basket, put a bed in the bottom and covered it with a baby blanket figuring that it would be easier to clean (just toss the bed and blanket in the wash, and wipe down the plastic basket and refill it), and it’s been a BIG hit. There’s always a pile of kittens in there.

“What? Is comfy!”

I swear I washed his messy little face after I took this picture!

Stretching Arundel.

8 of the 9! From orange boy Dexter on the lower left and going clockwise, we have: Dexter, Millinocket, Otis, Eliot, Calais, Arundel, Buxton and Bethel. Missing is Kennebunk, who prefers kibble.

Floofy boys.

Arundel’s keeping an eye on me.

Today’s scrubbing-the-foster-room and bathing-the-kittens day, so wish me luck. A couple of people suggested that I need to bathe all 9 of the kittens just to be safe and while I REALLY don’t wanna, I will. I can’t promise pictures from The Big Bath, but I’ll see what I can do!


The Sheriff’s on the alert. I wonder what’s going on? I bet Frankie’s over there being naughty, or Newt’s trying to sneak under the deck. A Sheriff’s job is never done!


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