7-31-18 Tuesday

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Look at this sweet sleepy girl.

That’s Phoenix, of course, who at this time last year was still wriggling around in her mama’s belly. The tabby patches on her arm and over her eye are just so adorable, aren’t they? Love that girl!

(Thanks, Debra!)


Yesterday was bath day for Moop, Calais and Millie. Once they were bathed, I turned the heater on so they could get mostly dry before I moved them back to the foster room. In the past, they’ve always just hung out either in the carrier on the floor or in the middle of the floor while drying, but yesterday they apparently hit that point where they figured out how to jump up on top of the toilet seat and then to the counter, so I walked in to see this:

(Millie was on the floor hanging out in the carrier.)

Moop was like “Hey! You! Get outta here! There’s only room for one adorable floofy gremlinmuppet in this bathroom!”

When I made the bathing schedule, I deliberately scheduled Moop and Calais for Day 1 and added Millie as the third because I knew Calais and Moop were going to be REALLY KINDA DIFFICULT to bathe. And they are – somehow, Moop’s arms extend to three times their length, and while I’m trying to wet him down in the bathtub, he’s got his freakishly long arm stretched across the bathroom opening the door and heading for the foster room.

(Okay, that’s an exaggeration OBVIOUSLY, but that’s how it feels. Meanwhile I’m like “Moop, you are the smallest kitten of the whole bunch, how are you POSSIBLY giving me this much trouble?!”)

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: thankfully they’re all quick to forgive me.

No one tell Bethel that today’s her bath day.

That packing strap is giving KennyBorkBorkMoopiePie the Crazy Eyes.

Bowl full o’ Dexter.

Annnd a bowl full o’ Millie.

Dexter, Moop and Buxton in the big bed.

Oh, that silly little marshmallow.

Eliot’s all “I LOVE ARUNDEL!” and Arundel’s all “Oh, joy.”

Dexter gets his ::thlurrrp:: on.

They all love hanging out in that carrier (it’s got a heated bed), but Arundel loves it most of all.


Awww, this picture is from back in May. Dewey’s got his face in the ‘nip, Maxi’s looking on angrily (which was pretty much her M.O.) and Khal is staying out of the line of fire.


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