7-26-18 Thursday

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Last night, some good news we really needed:

Scott and Debi went home together! This leaves Oksana and Torvill still available, and hopefully someone will fall in love with those sweet faces SOON.


Thank you all so much for your kind words about Maxi; we appreciate it so very much. It is always so very strange to have a cat part of your every day life for more than a decade, and then to have them just… gone. I keep expecting to see her in her usual spots, and not to see her there is jarring and I keep remembering she’s gone.

To answer the most-asked question: I don’t know how Newt will handle this. As far as I know, he and Maxi haven’t really spent much time interacting recently, but I also know that cats have relationships and interactions we don’t see and don’t know about. I think only time will tell – as of yet, he’s his usual Newtley self.



In my quest to rid the foster room of anything that cannot be sanitized easily (or tossed in the washer), I removed a couple of the small cat trees and put Miz Poo’s box (or Emmy’s birthin’ box, if you prefer) over by one of the cabinets so the kittens could jump up there and hang out. They thought the new furniture was aaaawesome. Not only can they climb on top of it, they can sleep in it!

LEAP. I actually removed the ess scratcher from the room, since it’s fabric covered. But then I moved the little step stool over next to the box, and it’s working well for them.

KennyBorkBork Moopleton has some serious Precious Moments eyes, doesn’t he?

Arundel and the Fancy Sofa, which I forgot to put in the cabinet. Since it’s not easy to sanitize, I removed it from the room, soaked it in Rescue disinfectant, and ran it through the washer. And it held up just fine!

Before I removed it from the room, Buxton had to give it a try. He found it quite comfy.

When I’m taking all the laundry out of the room in the morning, I put this litter box on top of the others briefly so that I can remove and replace the washable pad in the front part of the closet. Calais thinks that this is AWESOME, and she always runs over to climb into the bottom litter box. She cracks me up – she’s like a puppy in kitten clothing.

Buxton’s eye is nearly completely back to normal, thankfully.

I gave the kittens a Ham-mick, and they thought it was awesome. It might be a little too lightweight, though – I walked in yesterday morning to find it in the middle of the room, upside-down.

Snuggle bunny Millinocket.

Moop, mostly dry after his bath yesterday morning. This is the look he gave me when I paraphrased Dr. Seuss at him. (“Look at me, look at me, look at me now. It’s fun to take baths, you’ve just gotta chill out!”)

Yesterday was foster-room-cleaning-and-kitten-bathing-day. It took me a long time to get the foster room clean, because I was also dumping out, cleaning, and refilling litter boxes. Once that was done, I moved the kittens except for Calais, Moop, and Millie back to the foster room. Calais, Moop and Millie got baths.

This time around, rather than trying to wet them in the sink and then lather them up next to the sink and then put them in the carrier for 10 minutes, I tried something new. I filled a deep bucket up with water and dunked them in it up to the neck, wet their head and around their face with a wet cloth, and then lathered them up on the counter next to the sink and popped them into the carrier, then went on to the next kitten. Y’know? It actually went pretty well. I’m not saying there wasn’t any struggling, but Moop and Calais are the hardest to bathe, and I got it done relatively easily and quickly. Then I rinsed them in the tub under gently running water, dried them off, and put them in another carrier with the heater pointed at it, and left them in the bathroom until they were mostly dry. The funny thing is that when I walked into the foster room with Calais and Millie and started to put them down, Otis came running over to greet me, caught sight of the girls, and went insta-floof. And me without my camera pointed at him!

Today is Arundel, Bethel and Dexter’s turn, and I expect that to go even faster and easier because those three are the sweetest, gentlest muffins ever. Well… Bethel might give me a little trouble, but who could blame her?


So, the whole thing that made Maxi’s passing such a surprise to us is that we were directing our worry in another direction completely: Stefan. Fred wrote about it, so I’m going to just share what he wrote, and if you’d like to send some love in the direction of that sweet sleepy ornj boy, it could only help.

We took Stefan to the vet Monday. He was losing weight, and wasn’t very interested in food. He’d eat a little, but only a little, and he slept all the time. ALL the time. To be honest, he was acting like Elwood did when he had FIP, even though Stefan isn’t really in the age group associated with that disease. The vet examined him, didn’t see any physical issues other than the weight loss, and took blood to send for analysis. “Diabetes” and “kidney disease” were the words on everyone’s mind Monday afternoon. All we knew for sure is that whatever was wrong was killing him.

Tuesday afternoon after we’d gotten home from the trip with Maxi, he called with the test results. I’m not going to go into details here, because even though people are well-meaning, we don’t need second opinions. It’s not diabetes or kidney disease, those numbers were normal. The long and short is that he thought it was likely one of two things: something treatable and something not treatable. The only way to find out for sure would involve a VERY invasive test (think: drilling into bones) on Stefan to determine if it was the incurable thing. We spent close to 30 minutes on the phone, talking about all of the options, and what we’re doing right now is treating for the curable condition to see if it helps. If it doesn’t, we’ll re-evaluate. The problem is, even if it IS the treatable thing, the tests indicated that his body has started to give up, and curing the underlying cause might still not make him completely well. It would all depend on his internal systems starting to function again.

We started him on medications Tuesday, and giving him food and water regularly via syringe. Though overall it seemed Tuesday was probably his low point, right before bed he ate most of a pouch of gravy-heavy food without prodding. Yesterday was more syringes of food and water, several cat treats on his own, and a little more gravied food. He’s not sleeping nearly as much or fighting the syringes, and spent a good part of the morning outside on the deck, looking around with bright, curious eyes. Probably this is due to getting enough calories in him to give him some energy; it’s too soon to know if the meds have anything to do with it. The vet said it would be weeks before we know for sure.

But we hope.


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