7-11-18 Wednesday

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As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, it was my plan to scrub down the foster room and then bathe alllll 748 kittens.

It took me more than 3 hours. I am not sure I have it in me to do this every 3 days. I’m either going to do it less often (spot-treating in between, of course) or do 4 kittens one day and the next. Hmm. Or I could do 3 kittens per day. We’ll see.

Once their room was scrubbed and mopped and all their toys were wiped down, I went into the bathroom to get the hard part started. I decided to start with the kitten I suspected would give me the most trouble, then move on to the other kittens. I thought I could get all 9 of them wet down, shampooed, and set in the bathtub before my 10-minute timer went off (the shampoo has to stay on them for 10 minutes before rinsing), but ha ha NO. I was in the middle of the 5th kitten when my timer went off. So I rinsed and dried the kittens, then put them in their room (where crates with heated beds were located) before moving on to the remaining 4 kittens.

Any guesses who was the first kitten – the one I suspected would give me the most trouble (and I was right)?

That would be this troublesome little Muppet right here. Are you shocked?

This was the first group of five:

Dexter, Calais, Bethel, KennyBorkBork and Arundel.

Calais was not thrilled with this development.

Once Dexter, Calais, Bethel, Kenny and Arundel were back in their room I started on the smaller kittens. Millie was first, followed by Eliot.

“Why, lady?”

Buxton and Otis, waiting their turn.

“Whyyyy?” Buxton was the last kitten.

Kenny, Dexter, and Arundel in one crate.

Millie and Otis with Calais and Bethel in the bed in the middle of the floor.

Cuddle puddle.

Apparently, despite the fact that he’d been laying on a heated bed, Kenny was drying from the top down. Look at those skinny little legs!


They stayed piled up in this bed for a couple of hours before venturing forth.

Bethel’s face is cracking me UP.

Dexter, melting out the door of the crate.

So all in all it went well. The kittens didn’t love the whole bath thing, but I managed to get it done with only a couple of scratches – the most painful one being one that feels exactly like a paper cut on the end of my pinky finger. I’m going to call the day a success!

(And no, Fred didn’t help me. He was working, and I kind of had a rhythm going, I think he would have only been in the way. He actually had a pretty important work call going on while I was bathing the smaller kittens, and said he couldn’t hear them at all, could only hear me talking to them. Yep, that sounds about right!)


Frankie’s so hiiiigh.


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