6-29-18 Friday

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ATTENTION! The kittens formerly known as Brian Boitano (now Prince Harry) and Picabo (now Harley Quinn) are now on Facebook! Go join so you can see their silly little faces as they grow up!

(I really need to get a page together with a list of all the Instagrams and FB pages of former fosters, so I have them in one place! Maybe I’ll get a chance to get that done this weekend.)


Does Otis have an orange ring around his mouth, or is that him just being a little piggy?

He’s a messy little monkey – not only does the white fur show off dirt/food more easily, but he’s a very vigorous eater and I think he dives into his food face-first!


How do you always manage to get the cutest, most adorable litters of kittens??

I have CONNECTIONS, man. Let me know if you need me to hook you up!


I’m curious about that catnip. How old and how does a single plant survive that many cats and naps on top of it.

That catnip plant is at least three years old. I wish I could remember where I got it – actually, now that I’ve said that, I think I planted catnip seeds in the raised plant bed at Crooked Acres a few years ago, and when we were taking the raised beds down, I cut 4 or 5 large stalks of catnip and used rooting compound to get them to take root in that pot. That was the summer before last (I think), and it’s had many cats sleep atop it since then. Dennis and Joe Bob slept in the pot a lot at Crooked Acres. It gets flat, but it pops right back up again!


I don’t know about you, but I just don’t see any serial killer in that Dexter. Are you sure he’s Dexter?

NO ONE ever knows that a serial killer is a serial killer. Don’t be suckered in by that sweet floofy face. He can MURDER a toy mouse without turning a whisker.


What made you decide on Maine towns for a theme?

I was born in Bangor. My father was in the Air Force, and when he retired we settled in Lisbon Falls when I was about 12. I lived there until I was 19, then lived in Bath and Brunswick for a few years. I was on vacation in Maine earlier this month when I knew I had to come up with names for kittens, so I thought that would be a good theme. (Fun fact: one of the road trips I went on while I was on vacation in Maine was to Bangor, where I hadn’t been since I was a baby. I saw Stephen King’s house and took a few pictures.)(Other fun fact: Stephen King grew up in Durham and attended Lisbon High School, the school I graduated from, only he was there a couple of decades earlier than I.)


Are you pronouncing “Calais” a la Maine — “Callis”?

One of these days you’ll have to name kittens after Massachusetts towns like Peabody, Dorchester, Worcester, Framingham, Haverhill, Methuen, and Woburn.

Then you can have a mispronunciation contest! Match the townies, the kitties get prizes!

I am not pronouncing Calais the Maine way, because it sounds like “callus.” I’m using the French pronunciation (Cal-lay) on the rare occasion I call her anything other than “the big tortie.”

I can only imagine how much the adoption counselors would want to kill me for using those town names for kittens (though I love the idea!)


Are there any more Olympian pictures left?!!

I have a few – I’m saving them for Monday’s post!


I love the names! I did crack up at the name Kennebunk. A few months ago my husband and I were watching the local news when the anchor attempted to say the name Kennebunkport. It came out “Kennyborkbork”. We rewound it so many times because we were laughing so hard. She went full on Swedish Chef. We still say that to each other if we want the other to lose it. So, when the inevitable silly kitten nicknames start, I’d like to humbly suggest Kennyborkbork.

That is HILARIOUS. We’re already calling him Baby Khal, but I see BorkBork in his future! (And that would be a cute kitten name!)


I was going to say that is a LOT of kittens…then realized it was actually less than the last crew.

For some reason, despite the fact that there are fewer cats in that room than the last batch, it seems like more. Maybe because Katia and Kristi never went near the door or maybe because we started with 2 and it was a slow boil to get to 12 cats in there. I can tell you that even toward the end of their stay with us, the Olympian kittens didn’t rush the door the way the Mainers do. Clearly their mamas taught them MANNERS.


So – did the out-of-state folks who adopted Ohno and Tessa and Picabo and BB come especially to adopt them, or did they just happen to come across adorable kittens while on vacation?

Yes, they came especially to adopt them – they’ve been adoption pending for about 6 weeks, we were just waiting for their spay/neuter surgeries to happen – and both adopters are Love & Hisses readers!


Wait, you have a heart shaped jetted tub!?!

It’s a big jetted tub, but it’s not heart-shaped.


Oh, Kennebunk. He just kills me dead.

He sits and looks at me until I pick him up, and then he climbs onto my shoulder and sits there, purring, until he thinks “Hey! I’ve got places to go!” and jumps down and runs away.

Calais, lookin’ for trouble.

Eliot showin’ off his teef while Buxton tries to pick a fight.

Calais in mid-hop while Bethel looks on.

“What? Does I got somethin’ on my face?” Oh, Otis.

Eliot was air-nursing in his sleep.

Millie sure does like the Tiny Basket.

Otis and Eliot, tussling in my lap.

Pausing for a selfie.

Arundel has been spending most of her time curled up in this corner. It’s her safe space.

Yesterday morning, she finally (“finally” – it’d been two days!) climbed into my lap and curled up to be petted. She’s in the middle, with Buxton draped across her.

“Gimme that camera, lady. I needs to take a selfie!”


I just love this picture of Stefan so very much. The back stairs (which go from the kitchen to Fred’s office) is a favorite hangout for Stefan. Which is fine, until Archie wants to go up there, and then there’s dramaaa.


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