6-29-15 Monday

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Saturday morning, I delivered Gilda, Roseanne, Belushi and Shecky to Petsmart. Gilda and Roseanne were together in one cage, and Shecky and Belushi were in another. Mid-afternoon, I got the email that….

A few minutes later, Kathie called to let me know that Roseanne was making it clear that she was LONELY. I told her I’d be there in a little while with someone to keep Roseanne company, went upstairs and grabbed Rickles, and headed off to Petsmart to deliver him. I gave the very vocal Roseanne some love, and did the same with Shecky and Belushi. I was VERY pleased to see that none of them were hiding in the litter boxes, which a lot of kittens tend to do at first, and which I hate seeing.

When I left a little while later, a couple was looking at all the kittens. I expected (hoped) that there’d be another adoption before I got home, but they couldn’t decide, and told Kathie they’d be back Tuesday. So, fingers crossed!

I’ve got Carlin, Louis, Skelton and Lucy left here, and boy is it QUIET. Lucy spends her days in the foster room, doing this:

Snoozing in the window cat bed.

And her evenings running around upstairs while the kittens are in the foster room (her milk still hasn’t completely dried up, even though no one’s nursed since last Tuesday). She spends her nights in the bathroom, and in the morning Fred lets her back into the foster room and lets the kittens out. I let her out into the rest of the upstairs if she asks for it (she has a very polite but piercing meow).

Since she’s been mostly separated from her kittens, her personality is really starting to come through. She’s a silly, playful goof of a girl. There’s a small cardboard box located in Fred’s bedroom that has offended her, and she’s intent on tearing it apart.

Her diarrhea issue is still ongoing, but (I probably shouldn’t say this, for fear of jinxing it) it seems to be improving. Fingers crossed that it continues to do so!


Remember how, back at the beginning of June, I posted a video of two kittens in West Virginia who needed a home? Here’s the video, for a refresher:

YouTube link.

Well, those kittens found a home with a reader of this very blog, who comments as Warriorinside!

The floofy boykitten previously known as Linus is now Fizzgig, and has a love for the track toy (as you’ll see below). The former Lucy is now Kira. (If you don’t recognize the names, they’re from the Jim Henson movie The Dark Crystal – and this is Fizzgig from that movie.)

That little face cracks me UP.

Congratulations, Warriorinside, I suspect you’ve got many years of goofy kitty antics to look forward to!


Some of them may have gone off to Petsmart, but I still have pictures of them to share – probably you’ll be seeing them for most of the week.

Roseanne is advising Skelton to BACK OFF.

Shecky in the sun.

Gilda and Roseanne were wrestling under the blanket, and when I lifted the top to see what they were doing, Roseanne was all “What?”

Then Roseanne went elsewhere. Gilda stayed under the blanket, and Rickles came along and considered his next step.

“Well, THAT was rude!”

I love the way Rickles is looking at Roseanne with his head tilted.


Shecky and Carlin’s Open Mouth of Outrage, with Belushi looking on.

Louis and Rickles and the Open Mouth of I Bite You.

Sweet, sleepy Rickles.

Everyone but Belushi, piled up for a nap.

Louis, Skelton and Carlin haven’t really reacted to the absence of their siblings. They seem a little confused, like they know something is different but they’re not sure quite what it is. They’ve joined us for TV time the last few nights, and I thought the sound of the TV might scare them, but it doesn’t bother them at all. In fact, Carlin sat and watched part of the first episode of Deadwood with us Saturday night (hopefully he didn’t pick up any of the language!)


Video! Just a quick one of the kittens playing like the wild things they are.

YouTube link.


For two cats who SWEAR that they hate each other, Archie and Stefan certainly spend a lot of time in each other’s general vicinity. I guess they go by the adage that you should keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.



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6-29-15 Monday — 21 Comments

  1. The video should be titled, “The Art of Basket Diving”.

    Glad to see Lucy enjoying some R&R.

  2. My hope is that Archie & Stefan become pals but it’s probably more of a case of: “I got my eye on you.” and “Yeah, well I’m not letting you out of my sight either.”

    • I wish they would become pals, too – and sometimes they do seem to get along. But then one of them looks at the other the wrong way, and the growling and hissing begins!

      • We’ve noticed that with two of our cats, too–my wife and I both had cats when we got married, and while my girls get along okay (they’re littermates, so they’re used to one another), one of them and my wife’s cat HATE each other. Like, HATE HATE HATE. They’ve never fought–they just hiss and spit.

        But they also sleep eight inches apart on our bed during the day, and occasionally sniff each other and touch noses. And then it’s back to HATE.

    • Every time I look at those two boys side by side, something inside me screams that they’re related somehow. Maybe that’s why they don’t get along half the time… they’re too much alike!

  3. So happy for Gilda, and I bet Rosanne will be adopted soon. She has such a distinct look, a doll-face for sure. Here’s keeping my fingers crossed they all find forever homes soon.

    • I was really glad that Gilda was adopted so quickly, because black and white tuxies are right behind black cats as far as being slow to adopt out, so I was worried about her. I know that Roseanne will go fast, she is just the sweetest!

    • I got the “cute is gonna get ya” banner. So sweet it nearly melted my face!

  4. Yay for Gilda finding her home and YAY to warriorinside for taking in Lucy + Linus. I hope everyone will be happy for a long time to come.

    • Oh, I love them to death already. I’m not releasing them to the rest of my brood yet, because we’re still working on getting them clear of ear mites, but we’ve done a short,supervised visit. Hissing, yes, but only one floof suit and no swiping, the girls just run. I think we’ll be fine.

      Thanks all for the kind words, I thought sharing would give people a lift when they needed it.

      • No swiping? yay!!! I can’t wait till they are mite free and integrated and they can all play! I can’t believe how lucky we were to find you!!

  5. Yay for Gilda!! And Yay for Warriorinside! I’ve always thought Fizzgig was a perfect cat name!
    LOVE that video! Wild kittens!
    I’m thinking Archie and Stefan really do like each other but each wants to make sure that the other knows he’s the boss. “I’m the top cat” “No, I’m the top cat!” “No you’re not!” “Yes I am!” “You can be second boss, behind me!” and on and on, MOL

    Robyn, I love that you always advertise my FUNdraisers for Winnie’s Wish, It is so appreciated! Today was the start of a new one, and I was wondering if you would like to change to the new banner and link? Here’s the link: http://celestialkitties.blogspot.com/2015/06/surf-turf-fundraiser-for-winnies-wish.html Thank you for everything!

  6. Yay Gilda! Tiny tuxie love for the win. Somebody else obviously realized that tuxedos are beautiful and marvelous. Biased, me? 🙂 Also yay! for the pair of adopted kittens. Awww.