6-28-15 Chewy & Wellness TruFood

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For our Chewy product review this month, we reviewed Wellness TruFood CocoChia Bakes with Salmon, Coconut Oil & Spinach Grain-Free Cat Treats. Salmon, coconut oil, grain-free – what’s not to love, right?

Jake, who always senses when there are treats about to be given, was right there in the kitchen when I opened the box of treats. He tried one.

Then he gave me this look. Jake = not a fan.

Sugarbutt sniffed the treats and then licked his nose. He refused to even try a treat.

Jake, who was following me around in hopes that there might be DIFFERENT treats on offer, gave me a “Seriously, lady?” look.

Jake watched Dennis try a treat. Dennis did not care for that treat at all. In fact, he didn’t actually swallow the treat, he spit it back out.

And Jake was loonily smug.

“Lady, go away and take your HEALTHY treats with you. I’d suggest what you should do with them, but I am a LAYDEE.”

Sheriff Mama considered giving me a ticket for this egregious offense.

Finally, we have a fan! Tommy ate five or six of the treats before wandering off for a nap.

I took the treats upstairs to see what the kittens thought.

That look Roseanne is giving me? That’s the same look a kid gives you when they say they’re hungry and want a cookie, and you try to give them a carrot.

Louis was the only kitten who was interested in the treats, and in fact he liked them quite a bit.

He thought they were quite tasty!

He ate what I gave him, and then he went around to the other kittens to see if they had any to share.

Carlin was all “What THIS nonsense?!”

Skelton was uninterested in eating any of the treats, but thought they were fun to play with.

Lucy gave them a cursory sniff, and then this “Why are you doing this to me, lady?” look.

So overall, we had two fans (Tommy and Louis), and no one else would even touch them. I would call that a big “NOPE” for the Crooked Acres Gang.

Thank you to Chewy.com and Wellness for the opportunity to review these treats, even though they were not a hit. You can find these treats here.

As always, the product was provided to us free of charge; the opinions are the cats’, as interpreted by me.


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6-28-15 Chewy & Wellness TruFood — 11 Comments

  1. “Salmon, coconut oil, grain-free – what’s not to love, right?”

    The spinach, clearly 😉 They do look a rather dubious green.

  2. Bubba and Lily totally, completely and utterly did not understand the concept of kitty treats. I got a free bag of the Wellness Kittles (also grain-free, but made with salmon and other yummy stuff). Now they understand kitty treats and will hang out near the pantry until they get them.

  3. Those ingredients are not what cats love. I don’t see how they can be considered healthy for cats. Humans maybe, but not cats. I see a lot of so-called healthy food and treats for cats that seems more based on a human diet than a feline diet.