6-27-15 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook Roundup!

Victims of a Drive-by Nursing. Rickles face is cracking me UP.

Louis haz a sleepy – and I do believe Carlin is planning something…. Soon

“Not gettin’ up, and you can’t make me.”

Carlin and Skelton snuggle up for a long afternoon nap. It’s still a SleepySunday ’round here.

“Lady, it’s Monday. Louis don’t do Mondays.”

Today we said goodbye to Miz Poo, our grand old lady who wielded the fiercest Paw o’ Doom, the loudest purr, the sweetest heart filled with love for her humans. She was the last of the Old Guard, with us since before we’d ever fostered, and though she never cared for the whole idea of our bringing kittens into her home, she forgave us every time.
September 17, 1999 – June 22, 2015.

Thank you all so much for your kind words about our loss of Miz Poo. I’m undergoing lots and lots of Kitten Therapy and it’s helping!

Two boys and a snuggly blanket. Carlin Louis

Today, The Fools met Uncle Dennis . Shecky was timid, Belushi was hissy, and Carlin ? Well, he just flopped down and started playing with the best toy ever.

Skelton has some long, long, lonnnng legs.

Dear Miz Teresa, thank you for the awesome hidey bed, it gives me privacy and helps me get my Cutie Rest. Xoxo, Rickles

Lazy little muffins.

“Ooooh, he’s PURRRTY!”

Sleeping in, apparently.

Roseanne keeps an eye on you. Snoopervising

Do try to relax, Mama Lucy. (The kittens are in the foster room at the moment, and Lucy has the run of the upstairs. In a couple of hours, I’ll swap ’em, and then swap ’em again at bedtime.)


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6-27-15 Weekly Roundup — 7 Comments

  1. Robyn-all this rain we are having around all parts of the country, made me think of a Weather/Nature theme for you. The Weather Bunch: Rayne, Hale, Blossom, Winter, Autumn, Leif, Storm, and Drizzle.

  2. Re “Sleeping in, apparently. #Skelton #Shecky #Rickles #ornj”: I keep thinking, Orange you glad? That is one lovely, soothing photo! Best wishes to the crew who are off to Petsmart and to all awaiting homes.

  3. Just saw Roseanne (who stole my heart from day 3), Gilda, Belushi and Skelton at Petsmart. They are all so adorable I don’t know how you ever let them go. Another great job you two have done!

  4. Awww. The monkeys are at Petsmart? Brave Robyn, that would break my heart everytime.

    Love that tribute photo for Miz Poo. Sweet girl.

    I want to take a nap with eight little monkees. I am so deprived.