6-29-17 Thursday

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Tuesday night, Roux and Praline spent the night in my room. With the foster room closed off to them so I could clean it in preparation for the new fosters, I wasn’t comfortable with letting them have the run of the house since they’d never been downstairs before except for a few field trips. They. Were. WILD. The room was apparently QUITE exciting and they boinged from the cat tree to the bed and back again approximately 10,000 times. I had hoped that they’d settle down and sleep with me, but around 11:00 they snuggled up together on the cat tree and were quiet until 4:15. When they started boinging again. After about 10 minutes of that, I put them upstairs and shut the screen door (which gave them Fred’s room, the hallway, the bathroom, and the stairs to run around in). When I got up at 6:00, they were sitting on the stairs looking longingly through the screen door. So I opened it and Roux shot right out and started exploring, followed pretty quickly by Praline. After they’d explored for about 15 minutes, we took down the screen door and put it away.

Attitude from Praline.

Roux isn’t sure about you.

They settled in on the cat tree for a morning nap and were annoyed that Dewey decided to join them.


They actually spent most of the day on Fred’s bed.

Roux in the sun.

Praline between the pillows.

Bath time.

“Gimme a hug!”

Kitten book club. I think today’s topic was which is tastier: the cover, or the soft and tender inner pages. It got quite heated! That’s Praline on the left and Roux on the right. You can kind of see the difference in their eye color. Praline’s are a bit more green, Roux’s are more brown.


Unfortunately, there have recently been several returns to Challenger’s House, including Paul Simon, who I fostered with his brother Garfunkel back in 2015. A single return is disappointing, but a slew of them in a short period of time is really disheartening.

Click on this picture to go over to Challenger’s House and read more about them – who knows? Maybe you’ll find a new best friend!


You better believe Maxi was NOT pleased when she realized Frankie was back there sniffing out the situation.

Pretty Frankie. He is such a puppydog – if either of us goes outside, Frankie’s RIGHT there, trotting behind us snoopervising.

Don’t you love his swirls?

Frankie continues to do well. He’s eating fine, and is feeling really good. His favorite part of the day is when Fred wakes up and gives him his morning snack. His second favorite part of the day is when he gets his evening snack. Is he a little spoiled, y’think? Nahhh. (He deserves it!)


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6-29-17 Thursday — 15 Comments

  1. Not please with part of today’s post. I mean…returned???!!! I have to say that I will never understand it. And poor Reilly and Brianna are 12! It all just hurts my heart. I do know they are safe and that is the only good thing about it. Maybe Garfunkel’s family will see this, have a spot for another and go get his brother. Sigh….

    Frankie is quite Purdy! My Sidney is a puppy dog. The other two are fairly so, and often I have an entourage following me about wherever I go in the house (indoor only kitties). Great company!

    • It is hard to believe that people give up cats for reasons that make no sense to us. But -at least they are given back to a place that cares for them. I made a comment before too, but then I realized that if we facebook shame thesese people, we might discurage them from returning the cats to a good place and dumping them somwhere else instead. So I decided for myself to be a little less judgemental about this in the future, sad yes, judgy no.

    • The big thing is that they returned them to the right place.

      I try to remember that if this how much they care about these animals, better that they be people who will really care for them.

      • Absolutely – I try to be thankful they brought them back, though it’s sometimes hard; I saw Paul Simon this morning, and the poor boy is so scared. 🙁

      • I did mention that I know they are safe and that is good. It is always bewildering to me. That was my point.

  2. Oh how I wish there were never returns but, as others have said, at least they actually did do the return and didn’t dump them somewhere.

    I can’t believe Maxi was even in there to be sniffed at in the first place. Not with it being so nice outside now-a-days.

    Yay! for Frankie.

  3. Well, when Robyn updates the sidebar with the recent adoptions, she can add Paul Simon back to the “former foster available for adoption” section. We will all be pulling for him to find his new people quickly!!