6-28-17 Wednesday

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Praline gives Dewey the once-over.

Roux was displeased to find that she couldn’t climb this bedpost.

Praline had no problems climbing the comforter.

Roux is a big fan of this toy.

And Praline is a big fan of this one.

Girls and their toys.

Dropping off Nola at Petsmart yesterday was as fun as it always is (ie: not fun at all). She was scared, but her cage is big enough that I was able to put a hidey cave in with her. She went right into it, and was turned around so that she was facing out.

If she gets adopted, you know I’ll let y’all know right away.


The last of the pictures I’ve taken of my fosters-in-waiting.

“Child, don’t make me bite you!”

Lumiere sniffs Belle’s paws to see where she’s been.

Then smacks his mama in the face. RUDE.

She is such a pretty girl.

Lumiere bellies up to the milk bar.

Bath time for Mama, courtesy of Chip.

His paw on the side of her face is just killing me dead.

Gaston prefers privacy, please.

Three of the four at the milk bar.

Milk drunk.

Belle is being spayed today, and I’ll be picking them all up tomorrow and bringing them home. Which means I need to get that foster room cleaned today!


Video! Belle’s kittens are at that floof-suit-wearing skitterbug stage.

YouTube link


Dewey, chillin’.


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6-28-17 Wednesday — 10 Comments

  1. Oh, poor Nola! That’s exacly what my sweet Carmen does whenever we have to go to the vet: clinging to the most distant corner of the carrier, shrinking to half her normal size. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the speediest adoption of Miss Nola.

  2. I know I’m stating the obvious, but Dewey is so gorgeous! OMG

    It looks like the new fosters are just as nutty as Praline and Roux. Will they meet?

    And…poor sweet Nola. I expected to see a FB post last night saying she was adopted! What is her family waiting for? I wish I could come and get her. 🙁

  3. Here’s hoping that Nola’s family finds her very soon. And thank you for that very picture of Dewey. He looks so commanding!

  4. That picture where three of the four are at the milk bar makes me laugh so much!! I love the leg from the one underneath thrown over Mama Belle’s shoulder! Is that Chip? The other two are Mrs. Potts and Lumiere, right?

    Btw, “Mrs. Potts” seems such an overblown name for just a small kitten, but I suppose she’ll grow into it.

    Gaston and Chip are going to be the most difficult to tell apart, I think, but nowhere near as difficult as Roux and Praline have been!

  5. Oh good, a Dewey sighting. haven’t seen him for a few weeks so good to know that he’s still, well, Dewey.

    Usually he’s been stuck to Stefan or Frankie’s side but apparently he’s confident enough to be on his own these days.

  6. Nola is so beautiful, who in their right mind could resist her? Sending good thoughts that she will soon be in her forever home.

  7. Hi Robyn! I would love to ask you and the L&H hive mind for any suggestions. I have a cat who is too skinny. He is three years old, a street rescue, and has always been skinny but it was thought to be due to being a stray. Multiple vets say nothing is wrong that they can find, but they urge me to get weight on him. Their suggestions were to simply give him more food, but … that’s the problem. He has ZERO food drive. He would rather play with his catnip mouse than eat.

    I have tried every food out there on the marketand from home, from homemade raw to Alley Cat kibble and all stops inbetween. It became a challenge for the fellow at the local healthy pet food store, he called every distributor for free cans/packets/pouches/etc of everything! Human food, baby human food, freshly hunted/caught meat, you name it, I have tried it. I even got Chewy on it – they sent me things the local shop couldn’t get, and it became a challenge for them, too! I still get questions from them about his eating, and had I tried X brand yet.

    He eats about four bites of food, happily stops and washes his face and licks his chops, and purrs while he walks away to wrestle with a toy. And then doesn’t want to eat again until the next day.

    So next on the list of possibilities is to try syringe-feeding a supplement to boost his nutrients and calories. Are there any suggestions for safe products? Reading about some of the ones that are comercially available, online, is rather scary!

    Happy to hear other suggestions except trying different brands of food – trust me. I have tried it already. (My mailman asked me “how many freakin’ cats you got in that place?” as he brought me the 20th Chewy box in a month…)

    • LOL.. I totally feel for you. I occasionally get kittens that won’t eat too. I’m guessing you tried a/d

      Have you tried nonconventional foods, like say KFC? Not that it is an appropriate meal, but it is extra calories and generally cats can’t resist it. Parmesan cheese is usually an enticer. fortiflora has been known to get picky cats to eat. I’ve also found that the cheapest foods – like Walmart’s special kitty or fancy feast – tend to have better enhancers that get kitties to eat it.

      outside of those – which I’m guessing you’ve probably tried – the only other suggestion I have would be an appetite stimulant.

  8. Apparently Roux just wasn’t trying hard enough to climb that bed post – either that or you just trimmed her nails 😀