6-27-17 Tuesday

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Nola is perturbed by the shenanigans of her daughters.

Or maybe she was just letting her dinner settle.

Isn’t she just the prettiest girl?

“Yes I am!”

Those eyes. Oh, I love this girl.

A quick nap.

Sweet girls.

Roux on the left, Praline on the right.

I’ll be leaving here this morning to take Nola to Petsmart. Praline and Roux were going to be spayed today, but their surgeries are delayed for a little bit (there’s nothing wrong with them, just surgeries on other kittens took precedence, and since we have a little time before they’re going home, waiting a bit longer isn’t a problem.)


More pictures of my fosters-in-waiting from last week.

Mrs. Potts was feelin’ floofy.

Don’t you just love her patches of peachy-pink?

Lumiere found my shoes enchanting.

“Ah yes, I am nearly as high as I can be. Those kittens will never find me here!”


Put your tongue back in your mouth, kid, it’s gonna dry out!

Sisal rope is tasty, apparently.

Bath time for Gaston.

“Wow, I’m up high!”

“HI, Mama!”


Video! Roux gets BOOP’d, and she’s not sure what to think about it.

YouTube link


I think Archie looks particularly pretty in this picture. He’s got a hair-trigger temper, but he’s nice to look at!


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6-27-17 Tuesday — 6 Comments

  1. He does look handsome.

    Nola, you are such a lovely and sweet girl, I know you’ll be in your forever home soon! Kisses to you, doll.

  2. Sending bunches of luck Nola’s way that she only sits there for a day before her forever people show up.

    That boop video just killed me dead!

    Gaston looks like he’s learning the grumpy eyes face from Archie already and he’s not even in the same house. 🙂

  3. Sweet Nola, I hope that you’re scooped quickly by your forever people.

    What’s Archie doing in the foster room? He’s the BA that you don’t want around your impressionable little ones.