6-26-17 Monday

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About this time two years ago, I had a litter of bottle babies I called the Squash Bugs – you got an update on Pattypan who is now Peanut last Wednesday.

Well, Pattypan/Peanut had a sister named Ambercup who looked like this.

And she apparently had a lot to say, because when I was looking for that sweet bottle baby picture up there, I ran across approximately 95 pictures like this one.

(Lord do I love a chatty kitten.)

And here is that sweet gorgeous girl today:

Debra said: Since you had another squash bug on your page… Amber says she wanted some attention! Here is Ambercup closing in on her 2nd birthday! Love that active gal!!

Thank you so much for the update, Debra – and I canNOT believe the Squash Bugs are nearly two years old!


You might have missed this very exciting bit of information on Facebook Saturday.

These two girls right here?

They’ve been adopted… TOGETHER! They’ll be with us ’til mid-July because their new family is traveling, so they’ll merge with the permanent residents ’til it’s time for them to go home.

I am SO PLEASED that those sweet girls are going together! How wonderful is that?

Of course, with her kittens all adopted now, that means it’s time for this sweet girl…

to head off to Petsmart.

I had hoped she could be adopted directly from here – that would have been a first, really, to have all the kittens AND their mama adopted straight from here – but it hasn’t happened. So tomorrow morning she’ll be going to Petsmart (if you’re local and interested in seeing her, it’s the Petsmart in Jones Valley, not the one on University Drive). I hope so much that someone sees her sweet, floofy, gorgeous self and falls in love, fast.

This is the part of fostering I hate, having to leave a cat at Petsmart and hope that the right family comes along. We just all have to have faith that it’ll happen. And it will – because I mean, come on. Isn’t she beautiful? Can’t you just see how sweet she is? She’ll be fine.

(I might not be, but she will!)


Video! Roux and Praline nursing the other night. I glanced at the clock when the kittens started nursing and again when Nola stood up and walked off, and she let them nurse for about 90 seconds. It’s just so darn sweet that I had to pick up the girls and squeeze ’em after Nola walked off.

YouTube link


I went to visit Belle and her kittens – my fosters-in-waiting – last week, and got a ton of pictures to share. With Nola headed off to Petsmart and Roux and Praline merging with the permanent residents until it’s time for them to go home, the foster room will be empty, which means it’s time for the fosters-in-waiting to become simply fosters. That’ll happen later this week.

‘Til then, I’ve got some great pictures to share for the next few days.

Mrs. Potts shows Chip what the deal is. Look closely and you’ll see his Open Mouth of Outrage.

Is she comforting him or grabbing him for another fight? Hard to tell!

Chip and Gaston. Chip’s face-plant is a thing of beauty, ain’t it? (He was fine, since kittens are made of rubber and cotton with heads stuffed full of marshmallow fluff.)

RAWR. Lumiere seems impressed, no?

Chip is a fan of my shoelaces.


Gaston with attitude.

Chip’s looking at me like I insulted his mother, isn’t he? I would never!

::thlurrrp:: (Gaston)

Lumiere – those eyes!


Speaking of gorgeous eyes.

I cannot EVEN with this beautiful boy.

Can you believe it’s been just over three years since I announced that Dennis was staying? I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: I did NOT want to keep him, I tried very hard to find him a home, but in the end he stayed – and I absolutely adore him. He’s gorgeous, he’s sweet, he’s a good snuggler (when he wants to be) and he gets along with everyone. He’s PERFECT.


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6-26-17 Monday — 18 Comments

  1. Just yesterday I thought to myself that Praline and Roux should be adopted together. Sometimes the adage “be careful what you wish for” has good results!

  2. WOOT WOOT!!!!! I could not be happier that those two went together. What a lovely pair someone just got.

    Nola video – it is almost like she knows it was goodbye. Prayers for you Nola. You deserve a gentle hand and quiet warm home. I hope your family finds you as quick as lightening. You are such a beautiful girl. Best wishes.

    New babies – they are adorable. I am sure we will all agree that Lumiere will be adopted first. Having said that, Gaston…soft little grey tabby….swoon.

    Three years – wow. Time does fly. Dennis is lovely and I think some things are meant to be. God gives us what we need…or who needs us. (Ok, or both). 🙂

  3. Hurray for the girls!
    Oh, the bittersweet parting at the pet store. I know it betters their chance of adoption but the number of times I’ve sobbed all the way home …

  4. Yay for Praline and Roux! Sisters forever.

    My heart travels with Nola – such a sweet and beautiful mamakitty. I pray her wonderful family finds her quickly!

    Hugs to Dennis – I still get teary when I read his ‘you’re already home’ post.
    Such a great addition to your family!

  5. I’m so happy for Praline and Roux and so hopeful for Nola — Godspeed, beautiful girls. Two photos of the great Dennis: now that’s a nice start to the week. And Webbthistle, don’t tempt me, otherwise Robyn’s masterly “You’re already home post” will get me for the hundredth time.

  6. No I cannot believe it has been three years since your announcement that you were keeping Dennis. It is my most favorite post ever – really pulled at my heart strings. But I have to wonder where the time goes? It is flying by.

  7. Dang, Amber grew up to be a elegant beauty. Love the updates Debra!

    Gaston’s going to be the heart breaker, I can feel it.

  8. Wasn’t Ambercup the kitten that Fred named “Mouth” because she talked so much? Or maybe that was another chatty kitten…

    • She is very talkative. She ‘brrrr?’s when you put your hand on her (as if to say ‘What??!’ and does the same sound when she wants attention. So she could surely be ‘Mouth.’ She is so full of joy and life she makes me smile even when I am down.

  9. Look at that little wee bottle baby… It’s so nice to see her now as a lovely little lady!

    I’ll be very surprised if Nola doesn’t get adopted quickly! Fingers crossed for her, but I think luck is already on her side.

    Lol, that face plant picture!

  10. Yay! So glad the girls are going together. Is that a first, that the kittens all went home with a sibling? No Nola’s family has to show up, soon, very soon I say!

    The Gaston with attitude picture needs to be on the foster calendar for next year. A winter month, like he’s going to kick its ass for being so cold. LOL

    I think Nola likes that wall spot so much because she feels safer with her back against it. I’m glad she does venture away from it from time to time though.

  11. Thanks Debra for the update on Ambercup 🙂
    Dennis is such a love and so are the others.
    Yay for Praline and Roux also.

  12. Hurray for Praline and Roux! And I am sure Nola will find her forever home!

    Dennis! His story still makes me cry….

  13. I was just thinking, isn’t it so funny that Nola looks just like Willa? I mean, how many long-haired dilute torties do you see in rescue? And they came right after the other, one a faker, the other not. As I remember, Willa was adopted super fast. Maybe Nola will have the same luck!