6-28-16 Tuesday

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Webster, greeting the uncles.

“I know Uncle Dennis is acting like he wants a hug, but I will not fall into his trap!” thinks the very wise Webster.

“But I must give his paws a sniff. It’s only polite!”

Felix, peeking up from atop the little cat condo to see what’s going on.

Webster and Uncle Dennis, sniffing noses.

Did I mention that Felix is a climber? I walked into the kitchen and about had a heart attack.

It’s hard to tell from this picture, but Felix was directly over the refrigerator and clearly thinking about jumping down. I thought that jump was far too much for a little guy.

“HOW did I get up here?!” Felix wondered. Fred came in and lured Felix around the walkway so he’d see the best way to get down.

“That was easy!” said Felix.

This little guy, I’m telling you – there’s no stopping him. We were watching TV last night, and he climbed up the screen door in the hallway, and then sat on the top. Fred rescued him, and of course not ten minutes later, he was up there again. I told Fred to see if Felix could figure a way down, and after a little consideration, Felix climbed down the other side of the screen door. Naturally, I didn’t have the camera with me, but you better believe I will tonight when we’re watching TV!

Yesterday morning, Fred came down from his office for breakfast. We were standing in the kitchen talking, and here came Felix, trotting in to check out the food bowl. That little brat had figured out how to push up the hook holding the screen door closed!

Too smart for his own good, that boy.


I adore that delightfully loony look on his face (there was a feather teaser up there, and it always brings out the loon in him!)

Speaking of things that make him particularly loony, here’s some video of the thing that REALLY makes him looneriffic: the laser light. (Webster and Felix are in the last half of the video, and clearly do not know WHAT to think of this behavior.)

YouTube link


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6-28-16 Tuesday — 11 Comments

  1. Oh my gosh, apparently the tail is the area on cats that holds the trepidation and caution, which Felix CLEARLY does not have! What a little monkey!
    Jake on red dot is Loon to the nth degree!!!
    Thank you for the auction plug again! I’ll be adding even more awesome things later in the week!

    • I was thinking along the tail-less line, too! Not having to concern himself with the pursuit of a tail allows Felix the freedom to pursue other higher callings!! 😀

  2. “I know Uncle Dennis is acting like he wants a hug, but I will not fall into his trap!” thinks the very wise Webster. —- Made me LOL at work.

    I cannot believe Felix got on top of the cabinets. Yes, I would have a heart attack also!. Opening the door….his adopters will be adopting a handful and a very entertaining kitten!

  3. Loonluscious Jake! I adore him! And Felix is going to keep some happy person on their toes!

  4. OMG – Felix figured out the door??? hope his family is getting a warning label with that boy….

    Jake sure has some moves for a boy his size 🙂

  5. I DO love Loony Jake! Boy, can he move when he wants to! It’s cute how he seems to expect Webster and Felix to take care of the red dot when it’s near them.

    Also – we do need a picture of Felix on top of the screen door!

  6. Oh! I wish Felix were with the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee! That way I could adopt him. I like having cats like that – those that may be smarter than me. They endlessly entertain me!!