6-29-16 Wednesday

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Felix, watching Webster play with that green ball.

Stefan, his mini-me, and Dennis, looking at the feather teaser.

Dennis and Stefan and their mini-mes. Mini-thems?

I love how Stefan and Webster have the exact same expression. Adorable!

Felix in mid-air, Webster, Stefan, and Archie looking on.

I wasn’t able to get any good leaping pictures this time around. We had to cut playtime short because it makes Fred nervous when Archie and Stefan get too close to each other; a fight invariably breaks out, especially when they’re excited by the teaser. We’ll try again sometime when one or the other isn’t around!


Alice loves this bed (it’s a doll bed from Ikea) so very much. There’s actually a heated bed under there, and yes it HAS been in the 90s here lately, I say as I type to you while wearing a cardigan and slippers over my shorts and t-shirt. What’s your point? (Alice is my spirit animal.)

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6-29-16 Wednesday — 20 Comments

  1. So cute that Dennis and Stefan have mini mes. I have always wondered how you and Fred pronounce Stefan’s name? Is it “steph in” or “steph fon”?

  2. Alice Mo looks so content in her little bed. If/When I ever get a cat, I will most certainly get one of those little IKEA beds for it.

  3. Great pictures! I love how you captured the cats’ level of interest so well. It makes me want to get in there and see what it is that they’re looking at.

  4. Just so it makes you feel better, it’s been in the 90s here, too, and last night I slept with a blanket on the bed, and right now I have a heating pad on my back because I was chilly. Some of us just never get warm, do we?

    Those mini-me pictures are so cute they make my ovaries hurt!