6-30-16 Thursday

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Felix likes this dog bed. I mean, it’s a cat bed that looks like a dog and a kitten is laying in it. Doesn’t take much to amuse me.

Coming down from atop the kitchen cabinets.

Hanging on the cat tree in the front room.

Silly boy.

Webster keeps an eye on things.

Those EARS.


Stefan, you big ol’ goofy dork.

Such a big ol’ teddy bear.

Mary Ellyn asked in yesterday’s comments how we pronounce Stefan’s name. Kelsey responded in the comments, but just in case anyone missed it, it’s Ste-FAWN. One day I’m going to make a clip of myself pronouncing it to link to. That’s probably one of the questions I get most often.


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6-30-16 Thursday — 16 Comments

  1. I love Felix’s lack of tail sooo much…and his name. If I adopted him, I would certainly keep his name.

    StefAWN is a gorgeous hunk of big ol’ goofy dork. Smooches!

  2. Stefan needs one of those cat-singing thingies like Alice has! He needs a theme song… Good King Silly-Stefan looked out, on the group of kittens, where the toys lay ’round about, feathers, fur ‘n nip even!
    Um… maybe not, anyone else have a thought?

  3. can’t remember if you’ve told us, are Felix and Webster already adopted?
    I knew a Stefan in the 90s. a real jerk. so I knew how to pronounce the name. glad kitty Stefan made me like it again! haha

    • Yup, those cutie boys have been adopted (together, as a matter of fact, if I recall correctly, so YAY!!

      I love that Stefan is named Stefan. Partly because it seems like a kind of pretentious name/prounounciation, and Stefan is the furthest thing from pretentious anything can be, but also because ‘Steven’ would totally NOT suit that boy for some reason. And I prefer the spelling of Stefan to ‘Stephan’, too. So all around it’s a win-win for me. I can’t get enough of that boy (and his arch nemesis, Archie)!

  4. Robyn – I know you’ve done a chart of which cats get along (or don’t!) with each other – but I am curious about which cats are snugglers with the humans? We’ve got 3 in the house right now and one is literally *always* by my side (or on me) if I settle anywhere, one will sit with her human maybe 1/3 of the time and comes to ask for petting, but then walks away, and the other almost never settles down with anyone, but does come to *demand* head scratches. Where do your cats fall on the human interaction spectrum?

  5. I hope it’s not too late to ask you a question! My little tuxie boy (ok – so he’s 10, and he’s not very little, but he’s still my baby!) seems incredibly depressed often. He’s mopey and just lays around looking sad. We tried the calming treats from Petsmart, but he won’t eat them. Our vet recommended Feliway, but it’s expensive. Do you have any ideas? (I think he needs a buddy, but we have another cat that would NOT like another cat in the house – she’d be happy if our tuxie packed up his toys and left, so that’s not an option.) Thank you so much!

    • I would get out interactive toys (feather wand, laser, etc) and insure you have daily/nightly play sessions with him followed by a little special treat. See if that helps.

    • Definitely try the toys, and interaction. That may perk him up.
      Also, Feliway is way cheaper if you get it on Amazon and not at the vet’s office. 🙂

    • you say your vet recommended feliway, but did you do an exam and bloodwork. Ten is considered ‘old’ and it could easily be a medical issue.

      • Yep we did senior bloodwork and it came back clear. We asked at their yearly physical and everything was great.

  6. Ste-FAWN is my favourite. He seems like the most chill cat in the world. Is he cuddly with people at all?

  7. Ste-Fawn kinda reminds me of Spicoli from Fast Times @ Ridgemont High (showin my age)… not in a look way but a laid back ‘far out’ surfer vibe… In fact, he is Ste-Fawn Spicoli in my mind… The mini-mes post earlier this week was awesome! Love all the pics – and the hanging from the screen door… been away… missed L&H… 🙂