7-6-18 Friday

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I need to be adopted by someone living in “the country”. It rained and thundered here too, but unfortunately it stopped at 9pm and the fireworks went off at 9:30pm. IN THE ROAD (two houses up from me) AND down the street in the cul-de-sac AND across the city after the baseball game. *sigh* They are pretty but from far away. SOOOOO dangerous to do them near houses. Luckily everything was fine.


Hope the little ones are soon feeling better! This was the worst July 4th ever — new neighbors apparently didn’t know the city has an ordinance against fireworks. They set off a bunch, some very LOUD; however within thirty minutes, the cops showed up and shut it down. Yay!

I spoke too soon about there not being any fireworks – as it turned out, as soon as it got dark, the fireworks started, in the street about three houses down from us. They went on until I was on the verge of flinging open the window and yelling “ARE YOU (profanity)(profanity)(profanity) KIDDING ME, YOU (profanity)(profanity)?”, and finally they stopped. (IT WAS NEARLY 11 PM AND ALL OF THOSE KIDS SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN BED ASLEEP IF YOU ASK ME.) When I went out to run errands yesterday morning, there was fireworks detritus all over the street.

It was still way better than when we were at Crooked Acres, because I’m not kidding about them setting off fireworks for a week before and a week after. It drove me NUTS.

(At one point Wednesday night, Fred thought he saw the flashing lights of a police car, and he got VERY excited. Alas, it was just the lights from the fireworks someone had set off.)


You guys. YOU GUYS! Have you seen this? ♥️

Isn’t that the SWEETEST? I love how thrilled he was to find out that she wasn’t chipped!


I have to say “after applying some profanity to the situation” may be the best turn of phrase I’ve ever heard. I shared it with several friends and might have mentioned how accurately that would describe driving around with me. One of them is a college professor and she was so delighted with it she said she thought she would include it in the skills section of her resume.

Ha – I’m glad you liked it! (And of course it belongs in the skills section of her resume!)

This reminds me of how, back in 2007, I was absolutely convinced that I’d invented the phrase “incandescent with rage” because after I used it in blog post, it seemed to be popping up all over the place. Alas, a Google search just now shows me that it appeared previously in 2005 in an article about Prince Charles and Prince Harry, so possibly I picked it up from that.


(How’s the poop front?)

Pretty good, actually! Things are mostly solid, and even the occasional non-solid leaving isn’t as bad as it was. AND – very importantly – they are MOSTLY learning NOT to step in their own poop, and that is a valuable kitty life skill.


Is it just me, or does Eliot remind anyone else of Puff’s Giant Head??

I see a resemblance (Puff on the left, Eliot on the right), but Puff’s giant head was wayyy bigger and rounder than Eliot’s.


Having just run the respiratory infection/conjunctivitis gauntlet with my two new babies, I am in awe. Trying to wrangle two kittens to do antibiotics and eye ointment was a challenge. I can’t imagine what it must be like with nine!

It’s getting realllllllllllly old at this point, to be honest, but you do what you’ve gotta do. Having a list and carefully checking off each name as the kitten gets medicated helps a lot – and that the kittens are friendly and I can easily grab them (AND they’re contained to one room) also helps a lot!


There is a DEFINITE improvement in the kitten room – Kennebunk sounds a zillion times better and is playing a lot. Buxton is feeling (and looking) a bit better, and he’s playing a little, but he was also a couple of days behind Kennebunk in getting sick, so maybe he’s a day or two behind him in getting better. Both kittens (ALL kittens) are eating just fine and things have improved on the litter box front, so we’re moving toward a time when I won’t be spending what feels like hours a day medicating, cleaning, and medicating some more, and can just snuggle the little brats.

Millie, lookin’ smug. She hasn’t gotten past the just-a-few-sneezies stage, so I’m hoping the upper respiratory infection passes her by. WOULD THAT BE SO MUCH TO ASK?!

Bethel and her purty eyes.

Millinocket and Buxton have a snuggle.

Oh this sweet, sweet boy! (Dexter)

Eliot, ready to pounce.

Om nom. (Buxton & Otis.)

Bethel’s got the thlurrrpies.

That little open mouth is killing me DEAD.

Don’t you just want to squeeze him?

Yep. He’s a hot mess.

Millie, reclining atop her Buxton bed. As long as you’re comfy!

KennyKhalBorkBork (Esquire), hanging out in my lap.

His eyes match the bed!


As long as you’re comfy, Newt. (Bonus: out the window behind him you can faintly see Stefan and Dewey.)


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