7-13-18 Friday

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Look who it is!

That is Gir Shecky, who was Shecky when he was with us back in 2015 as one of Lucy’s Fools. Hasn’t he grown up to be one gorgeous boy?

John said: Guess what day it is?!?!?!? It’s this booger’s 3 Year Anniversary of his Gotcha Day!!!! Lord, if you only knew what Mr. Gir Shecky gets into on a DAILY bases, LOL! He is spoiled rotten and can be the biggest brat…but he’s ours. He is a lover, a cuddle buddy (with Ty…not me) and LOVES to be the center of attention! It’s like he knew today was his Gotcha Day anniversary because he has gone out of his way to make sure we notice and love on him today, haha. We couldn’t imagine a world without him!

(Thanks, John!)


And holy cow – what if the dreaded shmingshmerm had hit the Olympians?? How on earth would you have treated Katia?!? Not to mention what she’d have done to you after hearing her babies objecting to the worst. thing. to. ever. happen. ever. ever. ever. How is she doing in boot camp, btw?

I cannot even imagine what that would have been like. I don’t think I could have treated her! She probably would have let me treat her babies (though kept a close eye on me), but as for treating her? I don’t see that happening!

Kristi and Katia are doing well – Kristi is sweet as ever (there’s no surprise) and Katia is (drumroll) NO LONGER HISSING!


Does Eliot have a little white spot on his back or is that from the scmingscmerm?

Eliot DOES have a little angel kiss spot on his back! (His shmingshmerm showed up on one of his back feet (which is how I realized we were having an issue – I don’t KNOW that it started with him, but I HAVE called him ‘Typhoid Mary’ a time or two) and hasn’t spread beyond that, thankfully.)


And for years they called it the Big Bath Massacre of ’18: “NO ONE WAS LEFT DRY!!!! MWA HA HA HA HA” — Halloween Tails for Kittehs


I am the monarch of all I survey,
Whether it’s night or whether it’s noon,

In Shady Cove and beyond to the sea,

I am lord of the nap and lord of the loon.

You are on FIRE this week, BetaLoop! (Thanks for the much needed laughs!)


Shouldn’t you separate the infected from the uninfected?


I guess at this point everyone is exposed so no need to separate the three?

In a perfect world, I could separate the shmingshmerm-infected kittens from the non-infected, but I don’t have anywhere to put them for longer than a few hours. (The observant among you might have noted that we have a guest bedroom. HOWEVER, we have friends visiting next week who’ll be sleeping in that room, and there is NO WAY ON EARTH I’m putting POSSIBLY uninfected kittens in that room only to find out that – SURPRISE! – they just hadn’t shown ringworm lesions until they’d gotten spores all over the guest bedroom and HEY! Let’s send our friends home with a nice case of ringworm to spread to all their dogs and cats!)

Right now I’ve got four (4) non-ringwormed kittens. Calais, Bethel, Millinocket and KennyBorkBorkMoop are as of yet showing no ringworm patches. I hope it stays that way, but I’m not counting on anything.


I love Google’s NGram service which gives you the graph of the usage of a word or phrase. Here are their results for ‘Incandescent with rage’

That is REALLY cool!


In your blog stats, can you see which is the #1 blog post of all time? I suddenly had the burning desire to know!

If there’s a way to tell (and I’m sure there is), I’m not aware of it. I’ll have to do some research and see if I can figure it out!


State of the kittens: this upper respiratory thing has taken them down hard. They’ve stopped eating and are doing nothing but laying around sleeping and looking pitiful. I’ve started syringe-feeding them every couple of hours (which they’re accepting). The ringworm baths are suspended for the time being, until they’re feeling better, because there’s no way I’m putting them through that while they’re feeling like this. Keep them in your thoughts, if you will, and hopefully they’ll start perking up soon.

These pictures are from earlier this week, when they weren’t feeling so awful.

Arundel pie.

Dexter with attitude.

Kenneth BorkBork Mooperston (the 3rd) and Millie, waiting for a turn in the weird lady’s lap.

Arundel and Calais, hanging out and giving me the attitude.

She sure is a sweet thing. The instant you pick her up, she purrs like crazy.


Buxton the pirate.

Eliot really likes that bed quite a lot, if you couldn’t tell.

Do you get the impression that everyone likes Arundel and Arundel likes everyone?

Dexter has a think. I love that you can still see a bit of blue around the edges of his eyes.

Fight! Fight!

Millinocket, chomping on Buxton.

Arundel’s face is cracking me up. “Can you make Bethel get her foot out of my ear, PLEASE?”


Calais and the Otismallow hanging out.


Stefan on the rock wall, havin’ Deep Thoughts.


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