7-30-18 Monday

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Check out this cuteness!

That is Torvill (the kitten) and Arwen (the human). Arwen and her mom Kristin were cleaning at Petsmart Friday morning, and Kristin sent me some adorable pictures of Torvill and Oksana getting some love.

Oksana’s FACE is cracking me up.

Sweet girls.

(Thanks, Kristin & Arwen – not only for the pics but also for giving my babies lots of love!)


Sleepy Buxton (whose nickname has been Buster, but lately I’ve been calling him Bucky.)

Sleepy Dexter.

Lots of drama over there under the ess scratcher.

Eliot needs a kiss.

OtisMallow in the box, and Buxton’s whiskers.

Sweet Arundel.

Calais and Eliot on the big bed.

Kenneth Borkleton Moopers has a lot to say, and mostly what he has to say is “You can’t get me hooked on Gerber chicken and gravy baby food and not bring some to me every time you come into the room, FYI, lady.”

Now that I’ve moved all the cat trees out of the foster room, this is what that end of the room looks like. I hate that there’s nothing for them to climb up, but it’s impossible to properly sanitize those cat trees every day. I mean, they’re not SUFFERING – there are plenty of places for them to hop up, and then can get up onto both of the cabinets on that end of the room. They’re pretty happy, really. I’ve moved the cat trees into the garage and am trying to decide whether to attempt to sanitize them (soak them with Rescue spray and then put them in full sunlight for a couple of days) or just toss them and get new ones eventually once these guys have moved on.

I was getting tired of walking into the kitten room and finding the ham-mick upside-down and in the middle of the floor, so after much pondering I tried making a double-decker ham-mick by… well, I won’t go into the specifics, you can see that there’s a bottom “layer.” They can’t get under the bottom and push the ham-mick over, so it worked – and they love it this way, too.


So the kittens are doing well. The ringworm baths will continue for the time being. They’re handling the baths really well, and are handling the topical stuff I’m putting on their spots well also, though it’s certainly not their favorite part of the day. They always act like I’m being mean to them while I’m applying the topical stuff to them, but lucky for me they forgive easily. I’m completely spraying down the room every third day (while they hang out in the bathroom), mopping the hallway regularly, cleaning the bathroom after their baths, doing laundry constantly. If I thought dealing with little kittens required a lot of cleaning and laundry before, I had no idea how work-intensive it could really get. When (IF) the day comes that I don’t have to clean the room, do 7 loads of laundry and then bathe multiple kittens, I’m not sure what I’ll do with my time.


Walking along, ::thlurrrp::ing his song, it’s RBF Archie!


Regarding Stefan: so far, he’s doing well. He’s only been on the meds for a few days, but he seems more alert and clear-eyed. He still isn’t eating on his own very much (he’ll walk to the bowl, take a few bites and then walk away), but Fred is syringe feeding him many times a day, and Stefan tolerates it well. I mean, he probably would prefer not to be fed QUITE so often, but we suspect it’s the extra caloric intake that has him more bright-eyed.

We have no answers yet, because it’s too soon. When it’s been 4 weeks from his last blood work (depending on how he’s doing at that point), we’ll have it done again and see if there’s been any improvement.


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