7-1-18 Weekly Roundup

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Along with Ohno & Tessa and Brian Boitano & Picabo heading off to their forever homes yesterday, mamas Kristi and Katia also headed off on their next step. They did NOT go back to their feral colony – instead, they went to another foster, who will start them on Kitty Boot Camp and work with them in hopes of convincing Katia that humans aren’t so bad. When I asked last night, Kristi was purring and enjoying being petted, and Katia was hissing, but not bad. They are crated together for the moment, but won’t be crated for too long. I’ll try to pass along the occasional update. And they are still available for adoption, so if you decide you’re interested in those two sweet girls, you can email info@ffhsv.org

My GOODNESS you’re a suspicious bunch, demanding to know why I was emptying out my foster room. Because I want to spend my days wiping this silly little face, is why.

Shoulder monkeys.

While we’re admiring the new babies, let’s not forget that floofily fabulous Oksana and her equally fabulous sleek housepanther brother Torvill are still available for adoption! They’re 4 months old today (!) and super sweet, snuggly, playful kittens. They’ve got springs for knees, and will BOUNCE up to amazing heights if you wave the feather teaser for them. They’re high-energy kittens who’ll also happily snuggle up for naps, and they get along with other cats. They’re currently at Jones Valley Petsmart here in Huntsville, Alabama; you can go by during adoption hours, or email info@ffhsv.org for more information.

Good night, innernets.

Complaints: he has a few. The kittens are named! Meet Kennebunk, named after Kennebunk, Maine; the litter will collectively be known as The Mainers.

Some floofy attitude from Dexter.

Meet the new addition to the new additions. Arundel was dumped in the country, had to be trapped, and came to Love & Hisses headquarters this afternoon. She’s wary of humans but will purr if you pick her up and pet her. She likes the other kittens, who immediately accepted her with zero drama, but she thinks they are a little rude when they jump on her. She’s about 7 weeks old, and I bet she’ll be seeking human attention before long. This makes 9 kittens in our foster room!

Can I interest you in a floofy cup of Millinocket?

Good night, innernets. (Buxton & Otis)

Awww yeah, it’s Thlurrrpsday again! Eliot is celebrating by dropping little bits of canned food all over my lap because that’s just how he likes to party. #TheMaineKittens

It’s a good thing it’s Thlurrrpsday, because Otis has a whole lotta thlurrrping to do.

That’s right, Eliot is STILL getting his thlurrrp on.

Getting his thlurrrp on, ’cause it’s Thlurrrpsday and you’ve gotta. (Buxton)

Weird lady as cat tree. (Good night, innernets.)

“Hallo!” (Buxton)

Little bitty floofmonster. (Otis)

Good night, innernets. (Dexter)

Otis, biding his time.

“Wut?” (Buxton & Millinocket)


Video! The week in Love & Hisses kittens.

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