7-4-18 Wednesday

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Oh, that KennyBorkBork. He is just the SWEETEST.

I just love this little muffinhead, too. (Buxton)

Otis, trying to figure out the tower track toy. He’s just not quite sure how it works.

Dexter manages to make himself comfy at all times.

“Hallo, lady. Why you weird?”

Eliot’s got the smuggest little face.

Calais, lookin’ for trouble. Somehow, she always seems to find it.

We have a lights-on-no-one-home situation going on here.

Millie checks out the little tree.

Bethel really takes over the plate.

Why so covered in food? It’s a mystery. (I was lucky this time – usually she finishes eating and then throws herself against me so I’ll pick her up, thereby covering me in canned food. I try to keep a baby wipe nearby at all times, but she’s good at taking me by surprise.)

“Hey! We is sleepin’! No pictures!”

“Did we mention we was sleepin’?” Such serious little faces.

I walked into the room to find Kenny laying atop Arundel like she’s a mattress. I took this picture, went and scooped the litter boxes, and when I turned around…

Buxton was like “She is really comfy.”

Arundel is starting to finally show some personality (for the first couple of days she was scared, and then she wasn’t feeling well), and it appears that she might be a bit of a BAYbee princess. She has a very loud, demanding meow that I’m trying to get on video so you can appreciate it. She absolutely loves the other kittens, and they think she’s pretty swell too (as you can see from those pictures up there.)


Frankie, feelin’ smug.

I just wish he could get comfortable!


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