7-24-18 Tuesday

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Phoenix and Stardust starring in…

Sisterly love (or not).

Stardust’s twisted-around look at the camera is cracking me UP.

(Thanks, Debra!)


Millie the lap bunny.

Bethel comes up for a hug.

Arundel has a think.

I love that dab of white on Eliot’s back, among all the gray.

Otis in the basket, lookin’ floofy.

Every morning I strip the kitten room of all washable bedding (washable pee pads from under the litter boxes and under the crates, blankets, cat beds), toss them into a pile by the door, then “remake” the room with clean blankets, etc. My laundry assistants think that climbing on, in, and around the dirty bedding is the height of fun.

“What? Is comfy!”

(I do 3-4 loads of laundry on those days. On the days I completely strip down, spray down, mop, and clean the room, I do 6-8 loads. This is much more laundry than I do when I have NON ringworm-ridden kittens, FYI.)

Oh, Eliot. You are so darn pretty.

8 of the 9 at breakfast (Arundel doesn’t join them at the plate – she wanders along later and bats cleanup.)

After bath day on Sunday, I walked into the room and all 9 kittens were stuffed into this carrier. (There was a small heater going, so it was about 90 degrees in that room.)

I should maybe get a bigger carrier.

Dexter came out and got into the box. Look at that little smile!

“Lady, gimme that camera. I gots to take a selfie!”


The ever-vigilant sheriff keeps an eye on things.


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