7-18-18 Wednesday

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Note: Our friends Nance and Rick are arriving later today to visit for a few days. I am taking Thursday and Friday off from blogging; I’ll likely post occasionally on Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr, but I make no promises.



Poor, tired Phoenix!

It’s a lot of hard work to be that cute, y’know!

(Thanks, Debra!)


Nice to see them bellying up to the plate and slowly putting back on the ounces they lost while they weren’t feeling well!

“LADY. I does NOT look like no Muppet!”
(Yes he does!)

Perhaps I’ve mentioned they really like that tower o’ tracks toy?

Buxton shows off his belly (and that nearly normal right eye!)

Calais and Bethel at the track toy again.

Wahhh! He’s da BAYbee!

A moment before she came boinging over that basket to leap into my lap.

Annnd the track toy again (this time with Buxton and Millie).

Are ya comfy, Millie?

The kittens are very close to being normal again, though Dexter is still lagging behind. He’s been eating on his own and drinking water, but still needs supplementing. Hopefully by our next post on Monday he’ll be 100% normal again!


Frankie in the back yard, lookin’ cute (even when he wakes me up at midnight needing snuggles, he’s cute. I might be willing to sell him for $1.99 at such times, but I can’t deny he’s adorable.)


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