7-10-17 Monday

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Fred brings Khal Drogo (formerly known as FancypantsV2.0) into the house for 5 or 10 minutes at a time. He handles it well, though eventually he’ll start scratching at the door to go back out. Saturday evening, Fred decided to get out the brush and make Khal even prettier than he is. Praline and Roux found it all quite fascinating.

As is the way of most kittens who get the run of the house, Praline and Roux discovered the beds on my desk and now spend a good part of the day snoozing there.

Roux will sometimes climb into my lap for a snuggle before she goes back to the bed. Such a sweet duo, these girls.


Poor Belle. No matter where she goes, those kittens track her down. That’s Mrs. Potts flopped atop Belle, and Gaston nursing.

Mrs. Potts barely fits on that platform with Belle, but it doesn’t stop her in the slightest!

Lumiere and Gaston at the milk bar.

Love those stripes on Lumiere’s leg!

Three of the four (left to right: Mrs. Potts, Chip, Lumiere.)

And four of the four (Gaston joined in on the far right).

Ressler will nurse on my shirt or my slipper (video in the next section), and when Belle’s kittens are nursing, he’s interested…

You can almost see the question mark above his head.

Then he retreated to the Tiny Basket to think about it.

What I didn’t get a picture of was Chip leaving the milk bar, checking on Ressler (and licking the top of Ressler’s head) and then returning to the milk bar.

All the other kittens are very sweet when Ressler starts nursing on my shirt or slipper or the blanket I brought in for him, they always groom him while he’s doing it. I know he’d like to nurse on Belle, but how to do it appears to be kind of beyond his skill set for some reason. I actually put him in front of Belle when he was in a nursing mood (it’s in the video in the next section). He got so close to figuring it out (and you’ll see that Belle was very much encouraging him), but then Mrs. Potts slid into the milk bar, and Ressler walked off.

“Excuse me, lady. We can have some track ball play time?” I didn’t want y’all to go without a dose of Agnes today!


Video, as mentioned above. First, Ressler nursing on my slipper, and then him alllmost figuring how to nurse until Mrs. Potts shows up.

YouTube link


Stefan, coming down from atop the kitchen cupboards.


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7-10-17 Monday — 12 Comments

  1. I kind of wonder if you’ve found a new Tommy. Even Archie likes him. And he hates everything!

    • Except that Tommy loved me and this brat thinks I’ll eat him if he lets me get too close!

      (He will succumb to my charms, one of these days!)

  2. Ressler is kinda breaking my heart. I know he is a happy little boy, but still…

  3. Poor Ressler, he looks so confused after Mrs. Potts swoops in! “What the… oh, okay, guess I’m done.” What a sweet boy.

    Are Ressler and Agnes littermates? I can’t remember if you mentioned that or not.

    • No, they’re not related at all. I haven’t put their page up (I’m a slacker), but Agnes was found stray and turned over to a friend of Challenger’s House. Ressler was spotted by the side of the road by a CH volunteer with three siblings, and when she stopped, the kittens scattered. She was only able to catch Ressler, and despite calling in the troops and spending half the night searching through the woods, they were never able to find the other siblings.

  4. Belle is so sweet to that Boy. I hope he gets over this and allows her to love him the way he deserves to be loved.