7-10-18 Tuesday

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Snuggly little muffins.

Buxton climbing the tree, Arundel fighting with the ess scratcher.

He is such a smug little muffin.

Fight! Fight! (Otis and Buxton)

More tree climbing.

I took this plastic basket, put a bed in the bottom and covered it with a baby blanket figuring that it would be easier to clean (just toss the bed and blanket in the wash, and wipe down the plastic basket and refill it), and it’s been a BIG hit. There’s always a pile of kittens in there.

“What? Is comfy!”

I swear I washed his messy little face after I took this picture!

Stretching Arundel.

8 of the 9! From orange boy Dexter on the lower left and going clockwise, we have: Dexter, Millinocket, Otis, Eliot, Calais, Arundel, Buxton and Bethel. Missing is Kennebunk, who prefers kibble.

Floofy boys.

Arundel’s keeping an eye on me.

Today’s scrubbing-the-foster-room and bathing-the-kittens day, so wish me luck. A couple of people suggested that I need to bathe all 9 of the kittens just to be safe and while I REALLY don’t wanna, I will. I can’t promise pictures from The Big Bath, but I’ll see what I can do!


The Sheriff’s on the alert. I wonder what’s going on? I bet Frankie’s over there being naughty, or Newt’s trying to sneak under the deck. A Sheriff’s job is never done!


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7-10-18 Tuesday — 13 Comments

    • This comment is my favorite on that post:
      “WAHHHHH, I’m da BAYbee!
      Stop making fun of me, lady! I am STARVING and my pain is REAL.”

  1. “From orange boy Dexter on the lower left …” should have been “From orange boy Dexter at 7 o’clock…”

    The Sheriff looks nicely filled out! Did she put of a bit of weight from Crooked Acres or is it the angle. She is such a cutie!

  2. The Arundel stretching photo is fabulous!

    Who am I kidding? ARUNDEL is fabulous and if I could I would be driving up to Huntsville to meet, greet and adopt her! She reminds me so much of my Cagney!

  3. What a beautiful girl Kara is.

    I’d pay good money to see Dexter fresh from the bath. I love that boy.

  4. Good luck with the baffs! The permanent residents all seem to be thriving, and they really seem to like the back yard set-up. Ideal for outdoor/indoor kitties! Kara is gorgeous, but then again, I pretty much never met a kitty that wasn’t beautiful.

  5. And for years they called it the Big Bath Massacre of ’18: “NO ONE WAS LEFT DRY!!!! MWA HA HA HA HA” — Halloween Tails for Kittehs

    • Hahahaha!!

      It’s a good thing I just finished swallowing my tea when I read that.

  6. The Otis caption should be: “Why yes, yes my face IS a mess. I yikes it that way yady.” (said like a toddler of course)

  7. Love the overhead shot, it shows the variation in size and more details of each’s coloration. Does Eliot have a little white spot on his back or is that from the scmingscmerm?

  8. I see that word and read “Screamin’ Sherm.” Like something that would be in a 60s borscht-belt comedian’s act, or in an Allan Sherman song (Hello Muddah. Hello Fadduh. Here I am at Camp Granada.) Screamin’ Sherm might have been his bunkmate.

    And I’m sure you could get actual scmingscmerm from the floors of those camp showers…

  9. I’m sure you already know this but since I noticed upholstered cat trees and scratchers in the photos, I thought it was worth mentioning that anything with fabric or carpeting that can’t be steam cleaned or put in the washing machine needs to be thrown out. Not when these kittens are adopted but right now. They will continue to reinfect themselves with ringworm if any spores are left in the room.

    As far as the clothing changes go, I just strip everything off while standing right outside the door and put it into a trash can and twist the bag closed afterward. Then I spray the floor with Rescue and my feet with athletes foot spray.