8-20-17 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr Roundup.

I think Phoenix is reliving her birth experience.

The boys are back! Gaston and Chip are back with us until they go home next week. Their week away didn’t make them forget us or their favorite places to hang out (though they are a little confused about being unable to get into the foster room!) They’re racing around like their butts are on fire and have already tussled with Uncle Stefan.

Good night, innernets. (Mercury, Aurora, and Hubble)

I see eyeballs! Phoenix is eager to see who she’s been hissing at. Hers are the only eyes I see so far, but I’m sure it won’t be long. (5 days old)

Paws up, y’all – and tongue out! (Telstar)

Gaston greeting Uncle Archie, Uncle Stefan, and Uncle Dewey. It went well until Archie and Stefan had a hiss-off.

Hard to believe they’re five days old already!

Nothing says “love” like an eviscerated cricket all over the kitchen followed by a live cicada. Thanks, Dewey!

Hubble has an eyeball! That’s 3 eyeballs between 5 kittens – not bad for 6 days old. Also, note that Mercury has both her eyes on me, trying decide if she needs to intervene. (She didn’t.)

Phoenix’s eyes came open this far yesterday and I’m pretty sure she said “Uhhh…nope! Nothing out there I wanna see!”

Good night, innernets. Mercury hopes you brushed your teeth properly. She knows how you are.

One week old!

“Where ya going, kid? The milk bar is over here!”

Ressler is going home Saturday, hooray hooray! ❤️

Good night, innernets. (Mercury and Telstar)

Eyeballs everywhere! Hubble and Telstar will have you know that although their sisters wouldn’t pose for their official Eyeball Portraits, everyone in the litter has mostly opened eyes. So exciting!

Telstar likes to snooze with his tongue sticking out.

Good night, innernets. (Phoenix & Telstar)

Oh lord, these kittens.

Mama Mercury decided she was done with that crate and moved the babies (all 5 this time) in the middle of the night. She’s the boss and clearly she knows it!

Good night, innernets. Chip is out cold!

Mercury and Phoenix.

Ressler went home today, hooray hooray!

Good night, innernets. (Mercury and Telstar)


Videos! In the first one, Chip and Gaston debate that eternal question: who’s da BAYbee?

YouTube link

And the second is the week in kittens: 4 to 11 days old.

YouTube link


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