10-4-20 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr Roundup.

Snuggling with a very smug Athos.

Porthos has ears for days.

“Watching you, lady. Watching. YOU.” (Constance)

Rochefort wants to be startin’ something. Porthos just looks amused.

Snuggly brudders. (D’Artagnan & Athos)

Good night innernets. (Aramis)

“GOOD morning, lady. Wake up!” (Left to right: Rochefort, Aramis, Athos & d’Artagnan, with Constance at the foot of the bed. Porthos is not present in this picture because he was snoozing on the pillow next to my head.)

Here’s what the Fancy Sofa looks like unoccupied, occupied by Rochefort a few weeks ago (and d’Artagnan in the lower left of that picture is killing me), and occupied by 12 pounds of floof in the form of permanent resident kitty Khal Drogo.⁠

YouTube link
Aramis watching the hummingbird (who’s watching back.)

That cat tree is overloaded and ripe for picking! From the top: Rochefort, d’Artagnan, Constance, Porthos, Aramis (not looking at the camera) and Athos.

YouTube link
Wild things.

Those ears. ❤️ Those eyes. ❤️ Those gorgeous stripes. ❤️ Aramis needs a kiss.

Good night innernets. (Rochefort)

“Lady, if you know what’s good for you you’ll get up and feed us.” Aramis & Athos, so demanding.

Porthos shows off his fabulous kneading skills. He is SUCH a sweet boy.

2 years ago we were fostering Ryder and her 9 (YES I SAID NINE) kittens. She was adopted, and here she is (the bottom two pics) today! She looks AMAZING, her fur looks wonderful, and she’s put on some much-needed weight. Steve (who spotted Ryder and her kittens near where he works and fostered them for a few weeks until my foster room was empty) passed along the pics from her adopters, who said: Ryder was renamed Zoe, but I call her KiKi…She is becoming more of a snuggler, but it has taken LOTS of time for trust to build. Thx for touching base. She is beautiful. I am grateful for her!⁠

Size comparison: Porthos (left) weighs nearly 5 pounds; tiny Constance just hit 3 pounds on Saturday. It doesn’t stop her from jumping on him and kicking his butt when he needs it, though. (Yes, Constance is 3 pounds now, and you know what that means: she’s having her spay surgery tomorrow and she and Rochefort will be headed home this weekend!!!! )

GiddyUp, partner! We have an adoption pending on Aramis! He’ll be going to a home with several cats already in residence and parents who are aware of JUST how gorgeous that boy is! 😻

YouTube link
Constance and Rochefort have got some SKILLS. (I love the mid-air collision!)

Aramis says “You just gonna laugh at me, or you gonna fix this ear, lady?” (He shook his head and it fixed itself.)

Former foster Phoenix (2017) is exhausted. It ain’t easy being that cute! 😻

Good night innernets. (D’Artagnan & Rochefort.)

“Hi lady! Whatcha doin’ with that carrier?” In case you missed it yesterday, Constance is going for her spay surgery today! (We’re not actually going for a couple more hours.) I expect she’ll come through the experience just fine, but of course I will post again when we’re back home.

I’m just going to point out that Luna (formerly Winter) is proving that here at Love & Hisses headquarters, we work HARD to make sure our kittens turn out to be productive members of society. Luna is now an excellent laundry snoopervisor and Hidey Hole Investigator. Well done, Luna! (And thanks, Nicole!)


Aramis absolutely adores that ham-mick. I think I’m going to have to send it AND his pile of beds home with him. Hope I’ve got a big enough bag for that stuff and his toys, too! (I always send a bag of their favorite toys (and sometimes a bed) home with kittens so they’ll have something familiar.)

We’re home! Constance’s spay surgery went perfectly fine, though she’s still a little uncertain what happened! She has eaten a little, used the litter box, and now she’s settled down for a nap. ❤️⁠

Hooray, hooray, Aramis’s adoption was finalized today!!! Here he is in his new home, getting to know a couple of his new brothers, Archie and Jake.⁠ (More details tomorrow, I promise.)

Good night innernets. (d’Artagnan, Rochefort, Aramis, Constance, Athos & Porthos)

In case you missed it yesterday, Aramis is now a permanent resident and has a new name.⁠

When he hears me on the other side of a door, he wails and wails like his little heart is breaking. And so, his new name is Charles, Prince of Wails – Charlie for short, of course.⁠

Welcome to the permanent resident roster, Charlie. ❤️⁠

(All of the other Mewsketeers are now adoption pending – Constance & Rochefort are going home this weekend and the others are going home mid-October. (D’Artagnan & Porthos together; Athos joining a home with other kitties already in residence.)

My dream of eventually having a whole line of adorable tiny chairs in the foster room is moving in the right direction, thanks to the gift of this excellent pink and white deck chair. Thank you, Miss Ginny!

Do you remember a few months ago when I posted a picture of Little Dory, the foster kitten I saw at Michelle’s house? That top picture is the one I took of her and shared. The two pictures on the bottom are what she looks like now – she is just GORGEOUS even though she was annoyed by me following her around trying to take her picture. Those eyes, that smoky undercoat, she’s something! ❤️ She’s about 5 months old and is now available for adoption – if you’re interested, drop an email to Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at)ffhsv.org.

YouTube link
Charlie was in the foster room and wanted downstairs. I captured his wail for posterity.

“Innernets, please admire my toes.” Athos has some fine toes indeed.

Good night innernets. (Charlie the permanent resident, and Porthos behind him.)

Status update on the fosters, in case you missed something. Porthos & d’Artagnan are adoption pending together, and going home in mid-October. Athos is adoption pending (joining a home with more kitties in residence) and also going home in mid-October. Constance & Rochefort are adoption pending together and going home TOMORROW.⁠ And y’all know what happened to Aramis-now-Charlie. 😊

When I was at Michelle’s the other day I got this great picture of Trolly. I shared a pic of him a couple of weeks ago, when his ear looked much rougher. He’s the kitten who was found in a gas station parking lot in really rough shape (they think he climbed up into a car engine, which likely burned his ear, and then came back down when the car stopped for gas. Likely the people whose car he climbed up into and rode in didn’t even know he was there.) His ear looks wonderful and he’s such a little sweetheart.

YouTube link
Rochefort has a sleepy (and an opinion.)

“What? Is comfy!” Charlie continues to make himself at home.

YouTube link
The Mewsketeers are a bouncy bunch.

Line ’em up! Left to right: Athos, Charlie (formerly Aramis), Porthos, Rochefort, d’Artagnan & Constance.

“Mine.” Yes ma’am, Constance. (Constance and Rochefort go home tomorrow. I packed their bag of toys to go with them, but every time I turn around one of them has a NEW favorite toy, so I keep adding toys!)

Good night innernets. (Rochefort and his blep.)

Snuggling with Rochefort. ❤️

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Constance wants her sparkleball. (She did eventually get it!)

Constance & Rochefort have a little wrassle in the tub.

Hooray, hooray, Constance and Rochefort were adopted today! They’re headed home to Nashville as I type! Constance is now Oleander and Rochefort is now Rhus (rhymes with Moose.) Happy life, sweet babies. ❤️❤️❤️

For some reason I couldn’t add this to the earlier post about Constance (now Oleander) and Rochefort’s (now Rhus) adoption, but Cat set up a Facebook page for them, and you can see it here.


Good night innernets. (Charlie, formerly known as Aramis)


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