10-5-20 Monday

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Please understand the following is a question prompted by sheer curiosity and NOT criticism in any way, shape or form: you’ve emphasized many many times that the Challenger’s House rule states kittens either have to be adopted together or into a family with another young cat. With the possible exception of Dewey, none of the Permanent Residents are whatcha’d call spring chickens (and can I say, I DO miss the chickens ;-), so did you bend the rule a bit since Charlie integrated himself as well he did on his own OR because you and Fred OBVIOUSLY know how to keep kittens entertained OR because you have foster litters often enough that playmates will never be an issue? Enquiring minds want to know!!!

That’s Forgotten Felines of Huntsville, actually (Challenger’s House is no longer taking in cats and kittens and is now a sanctuary for the cats in their care). One of the reasons we decided to adopt Charlie is because he’s such a laid-back boy. He and Archie have been playing together quite a bit (DID YOU GUYS KNOW THAT ARCHIE PLAYS???), and I think that – given Charlie’s propensity for cleaning other kittens’ ears – he and Jake will turn out to be friends as well (they’ve been spotted rubbing up against each other several times). If it turns out that Charlie decides he needs a friend his own age, well, we can figure out a way to make that happen. And he will certainly have plenty of fosters to play with in the future (if he wants to – whether or not he wants to spend time with future fosters is up to him.)


How did you decide to make Charlie a permanent resident? Was it just the wails, or something else?

His personality, the fact that he and Jake rubbed heads the first time they met, that Archie will play with him, and just generally that it felt right and like he would fit in well.


Why were you struggling with adopting Charlie? I can understand you adored D’Artagnan but he wasn’t a good fit for your permanent residents, that would be tough! I really thought he was the one who was tempting you. Or did you want both of them? Sorry if this is too nosy.

I was struggling with adopting Charlie because I didn’t particularly want another permanent resident and really do adore d’Artagnan. But in the end I think Charlie is a better fit and will do well here; and now that d’Artagnan and Porthos are being adopted together, that couldn’t have possibly worked out any more perfectly.


Also, look how prettyyyyy.


Constance and Rochefort went home Saturday, as you might have seen, and they have their very own Facebook page here. Today’s pics will include the rest of the pictures I have that include them.

First, one of the very first Constance pics I took, next to one of the last.

Mid-July & early October. My lord she was such a teeny tiny thing (still is!)

Mid-July and early October. He was so little!

One day last week I couldn’t find Rochefort anywhere (I swear kittens disappear into another dimension just to freak me out) and then I found him, sound asleep, on a pile of clean cloths in the bathroom. He sat up and stretched and blepped at me.

Rochefort on the ham-mick with a smiley d’Artagnan and Athos.

“What doin’, weird lady?” Constance enquired.

Snoozing on the floofy bed.

Sleepy Constance and Athos and Rochefort.

I took the carrier out about an hour before we left the house Saturday (when Constance and Rochefort went home). They thought it was fun to play on and in and around.

Constance with the skeptical eyes.

Enjoying some sunlight.

Rochefort tussling with d’Artagnan.

D’Artagnan’s certainly got those Ears of Annoyance down.

“Whoa, lady, this bright light is AWESOME.”

One last shot of all six (left to right: d’Artagnan & Porthos, Athos, Charlie, Constance & Rochefort.)

My last picture of these two sweethearts before we left the house Saturday.

With us down to three fosters (plus Charlie), we decided it was time to let them out into the rest of the house during the day. Those boys RACED around this house like their little butts were on fire for the entire afternoon on Saturday. I’m not sure they stopped for one minute. They spent the night in the foster room, and when Fred got up yesterday morning he let them out into the house again. They were quite a bit calmer on their second day, thankfully. They’ll be allowed the run of the house during the day for the rest of their stay here. Charlie can join them at night if he wants – or stay out if he wants. So far he doesn’t mind going into the room at night; if the time comes that he fights it, we’ll let him stay out. Basically, he’s in charge of this part of his life for now.


Jake gets some snuggle time with Khal, while Archie is all “Ugh.”


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