10-5-17 Thursday

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Regarding Frankie (I forgot to include this update with his picture in yesterday’s post) : he is doing okay. We are just now starting him on Atopica – Fred literally just picked up the bottle yesterday. He’ll be on that along with the steroids for 30 days, and then we’ll wean him off the steroids, and hopefully it’ll work for him. I’ll keep y’all informed!

PS: Have I mentioned that Frankie has THE softest and silkiest fur ever? Good thing he likes to be petted!


I love that dark stripe down the middle of Mercury’s back.

Hubble loves his mama.

Telstar, helping Mama keep her head clean.

Sweet girl.

Poor Mercury – she just wanted to play with that toy, and Hubble had to come get up in her space.

So so so pretty.

Just laying around with her tongue out, as you do.

I put that window bed up, and (of course) everyone ignored it for two days. Now it’s always occupied, most often by Mercury.

She lets them nurse, waits for them to fall asleep, and then slips away for a few quiet moments to herself.

Hubble holdin’ paws with Mercury.

“Don’t you go waking those babies up, lady.”

Playing a rousing game of Slappy Paws with Starburst.

Yesterday I decided it was time to put collars on Stardust and Aurora so that I could stop putting dabs of fingernail polish on their ears – and because they need to get used to wearing collars anyway, before they go off to Petsmart in another month or so. They look so much alike that most of the time I can’t tell them apart (though it helps that Aurora is the largest of the litter and Stardust is the smallest.)

I put collars on each of the girls and went out of the room to do a few things. The girls handled it quite well, didn’t even seem to notice that they had collars on. Half an hour later, when I walked back in, Stardust’s yellow collar was laying in the middle of the room, and Mercury was in the middle of peeling Aurora’s pink collar off of her.

I guess she doesn’t think they need collars. SHE can tell them apart!


Video! Mercury playing. She’s got a playful streak, that girl.

YouTube link


Khal Drogo. Picture taken through the glass. He still has zero use for me, though I’ve been able to pet him a few times. He has very thick, very soft fur.


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  1. Mercury is going to be a very fun kitty for someone! She’s like a kitten herself!

    Khal Drogo is adorable! Would love to sink my fingers into that thick fur! I hope he decides that the weird lady is ok soon. Perhaps she should hand out more snackies to him.. like all the time! Who wouldn’t love a giant walking treat bag, know what I mean?? 😉

    • I think the only solution is to put collars on all of them, and keep putting the collars back on when they get them off, especially if they are going to need to wear collars at PetsMart. Mama Mercury needs a collar of her own, too!

  2. I was just thinking of the Khal this morning, wondering how he was doing and if he’d stopped going all Dothraki on your behind every time he spies you.

    Mercury’s tabby patches remind me of my Mae, only Mae was a long-haired girl. As much as I love these babies, I would snap Mercury up in a heartbeat, given the chance. Of course, there’s the whole living 2000 + miles away, and a pesky border to contend with… Whoever is adopted by her are going to be very fortunate.

    So happy that Frankie continues to do well! Does he put up with being kissed?!

  3. I have what appears to be the same window perch, but Amber(cup) keeps chewing on the lines that hold it out. I tried bitter apple on it, but she doesn’t seem to mind it. I imagine it won’t last long,

    • The kittens like to chew on the lines of our window bed, too. I keep thinking that I could buy aquarium tubing, slit it open with a boxcutter, and put that on the lines (which is something I do to prevent cats from chewing on cords). I haven’t actually done it, but it seems like it could work! 🙂