10-6-17 Friday

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So happy that Frankie continues to do well! Does he put up with being kissed?!

He does put up with being kissed! When it comes to the humans, you can do just about anything to that boy that you want, although if you pet him too vigorously for too long, he’ll get worked up and bunny kick your arm. He gives lots of warning signals before it comes to that, though.


Frankie’s tabbyswirls are awesome… I always forget; is that called ‘classic’ or ‘mackerel’ tabby markings?

That swirly bullseye pattern is a classic tabby marking. I always call them cinnamon bun tabbies, though.


OK, I’m sorry to have to ask… What product do you use when there is a little spraying (jealousy) going on? I adopted Red three years ago and kinda forgot he likes to be the only one. I took my current cat Sam to meet him, everything OK. Well now in my dementia- I have brought home a new female kitten (now fixed, no idea of age) and we have a spraying problem. Also, Red has NEVER gone over our 5′ chain link fence and I found him on our front window sill!!! New female stray/feral according to neighbors. How do I clean up this mess inside house? I bought a black light flashlight and the urine staines are horrible. Hubs bought “Sunny and Henry Pet Stain & Odor Miracle” spray. I still see urine. Any ideas?
Thanks to all!

Susan at the Challenger’s House shelter recommends Thornell Cat Odor-Off, and that’s what I’ve been using lately. (Be aware that that link leads to a bottle of Odor-Off concentrate, which means you’ll need your own spray bottle to mix it in. It’s a decent sized bottle and lasts a long time.) I’m not super crazy about the smell of the Odor-Off itself, but that fades after a day or so.


(Direct link to the gif)

I couldn’t resist that hoppity-bounce! Now in gif form for people who can’t watch youtube videos.

I love it!!


And oh wow! 2005 features that awesome picture of Tommy, Sugarbutt and their sister!!!

That is one of my all-time favorites!!


Earlier this week, I brought the kittens down to my room to explore (and to give Mercury a break), and let them stay for a couple of hours before I returned them to the foster room. No uncles were present, which was probably a good thing, because I think a trip to another room PLUS meeting a strange cat would have blown their little minds.

Yesterday, they made another trip to my room, and I didn’t realize it at first, but Stefan was asleep in a bed on the floor. I got a video of the kittens discovering him (you’ll see that in the next section.) They floofed up and then retreated to the other side of the room. I went to get a plate of canned food and the camera, and when I came back into the room I’m pretty sure they’d forgotten that Stefan was in the room.

The kittens bellied up to the plate of food pretty quickly.

And Stefan said “Do I smell food?”

“I could eat.”

I think it’s safe to say that Stardust had the most dramatic reaction.

Phoenix went for a drink, and I’m not sure she realized he was right there.

Telstar came stomping over, all “What is going ON?”

Stardust found her Stranger Danger suit appropriate for this occasion.

Poor Stefan. He’s like “I just wanted a nap and a bite to eat, and now I’m surrounded by kittens dressed up in their best finery.”

Telstar displays his fabulous suit, while Phoenix gives Stefan a Hard Look.

The best part of this picture: four kittens are all freaked out, and Aurora just keeps eating.

Phoenix, hissing. This is about the time Stefan said “You know, I don’t really need to be in this room.”



I could hear someone sniffing loudly at the door, so I went to see who it was. It was Dewey, and when I opened the door, he sashayed right in.



Phoenix retreated to the top of the carrier, where she hissed at Dewey.

Aurora adopted the “If I don’t look at him, he isn’t there” approach.

And then Dewey asked to leave the room. I’m sure he’ll be friends with the kittens eventually, once they calm down!


Videos! In the first one, they stumble upon a sleeping Uncle Stefan, who just wants to sleep, kids. The looks of disbelief on their faces just crack me UP.

YouTube link

And in the second, the kittens surround Uncle Stefan, and they’re ready to rumble.

YouTube link


“No desire to befriend those kittens, lady, but thanks for the offer.” Newt is NO fun.


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  1. Aurora is all like, “Ya’ll keep him busy and distracted. I’ll clean up the mess on this plate!”

      • The backing up was definitely the best part! It’s like the kittens didn’t realize he was real at first! I guess in their world, the only cats are mama and themselves.

  2. I think Mercury needs to have another talk with Aurora about the whole concept of “Stranger Danger”. Uncle Stefan looks utterly perplexed.

    Newt looks positively squishable.

  3. I just love how the kittens run through a gamut of emotions upon meeting Stefan and he’s like a statue through it all.

    I bet he’s thinking “Don’t worry, little one, I have alllll the time in the world and as soon as you relax I’ma CHOMP YOUR NECK.” mwahahahaaaa!

  4. The problem the kittens had was that adult fur ball did not smell of milk, so what use was he??

  5. The pictures and the videos of the stranger danger kitties are fun-tabulous! I bet the kittens are glad they finally mastered reverse. 😉 What a wonderful way to start a Friday!

  6. I LOVE in that first video how the kittehs creep away, ever so carefully, because CLEARLY Stefan is about to ATTACK. THEM. ALL. 😀

  7. Poor long-suffering Stefan, ha! “Back away slowly from the beast,” the kittehs seem to be thinking. So cute. :=)

  8. I love how in the second video, someone (Telstar, I think?) is all, “Don’t worry, I will protect you all from this big bad cat!” Such a brave boy!

  9. OMG… the slow backing up has me crying tears of laughter!!! Awesome way to start a Friday!!

  10. Who’s the little tough tabby guy/gal who seems frozen on the spot at the end of the first video, in the background?

  11. Stardust looks like she thought Stefan said “I could eat … SOME KITTENS”

    And in the video they’re all, “There’s the kitten-eating giant!”