10-19-20 Monday

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Tater Tot in a box, showing off a little bit of attitude.

Calamity Jane comes over to see what the what is going on.

Pretzel and her come-hither look.

Eclair needs a snuggle.

There’s a warming pad under that blanket, and Wild Bill approves.

Tiny Onion Ring in the Tiny Basket.

Pretzel would like y’all to know that the ToastyCat bed is mighty, mighty comfy.

Funnel Cake strikes a pose.

Snowcone and Candy Apple are never very far from each other.

Hush Puppy wonders how many times I’m going to accidentally call him “Hash Brown.”

This ham-mick gives Davy Crockett the Crazy Eyes.

Eclair and Pretzel (top) and Tater Tot and Onion Ring really like this little cat tree.


Khal comes for a snuggle.

Speaking of Khal, he and Charlie were 100% playing yesterday. They were jumping at each other, chasing each other back and forth, playing slappy paws. It was seriously cute – and nice to see – and perhaps one day I’ll even manage to get video of that while it’s happening. So at this point Charlie has been spotted playing with Jake, Archie, and now Khal. Fred has also taken him outside (wearing a halter and leash) in the backyard. (We have a cat fence, but Charlie is still small enough that I would worry about him being able to fit through the slats of the fence. Luckily he’s not SUPER interested in going outside yet, and hopefully by the time he figures out the cat doors to the screened porch and then outside, he’ll be too big to fit through the slats. If not, we’ll close the cat doors to the back yard until he gets bigger.)


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