10-27-20 Tuesday

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The kittens met the vacuum cleaner, and they were not impressed.

Here’s Hush Puppy giving me what-for.

Annie Oakley’s “What the-?!” face.

Eclair (left) and Annie Oakley found a hidey hole.

Of course, once the vacuum cleaner was turned off, they had to come investigate.

Nosy little muffins.

(Vacuuming the foster room with the kittens in there is not my favorite thing – I used to wait ’til they had the run of the entire upstairs, but the room realllly needed vacuuming, as you can imagine. As long as I move slowly and give them plenty of space to retreat, it’s not so bad. They were scared of the vacuum while it was running, but (as you can see) they were all about checking it out when it was quiet.)

“I wasn’t skeered!” Sure, Wild Bill. You just keep telling yourself that.

Funnel Cake chillin’ (for once.)

Nap time! (Calamity Jane in the back, Snowcone next to her flopped over Onion Ring, and Candy Apple in the front.)

Nap time here, too. (Davy Crockett front left, Hush Puppy behind him, Annie Oakley back right, orange Funnel Cake, and Tater Tot in the middle.)

Calamity Jane checks out the cool new scratcher.

Snowcone finds Buffalo Bill verrrry verrry comfy.

Smilin’ Eclair (and Calamity Jane all “You’re pinching my EARRR.”)

Snowcone and Annie Oakley in the crown bed. I think those two lines down Annie Oakley’s back look like lines of static.


We had 30 seconds of sunshine yesterday, and it nearly made Archie happy.


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