10-1-20 Thursday

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We’ve got a lot to unpack today. Ready? Okay, let’s get started.

First of all, I got the news yesterday morning JUST 20 minutes before I was going to head to Michelle’s house that…

D’Artagnan and Porthos are ADOPTION PENDING. Yes, TOGETHER!!!

What I didn’t mention in yesterday’s post is that when I went to Michelle’s so that Constance could be spayed (spay/neuters are done by a wonderful local mobile vet), I was taking d’Artagnan and Porthos with me so that they could stay at her house for a few days and then head to Petsmart. BUT with the adoption pending, that meant that I could bring them right back here with me (they still needed to go to Michelle’s – everyone but Aramis needed to go to Michelle’s – to be ID chipped. Aramis had already been chipped.)

This means that NO ONE is available, everyone’s adopted or adoption pending, and no one has to go to Petsmart! The best part is that I get to keep them here with me ’til mid-October when their adopter comes down to get them!

We’ll keep ’em busy with TPS reports ’til they can go home.

AND THEN. ALSO. Remember how Aramis was adoption pending? His adoption was finalized yesterday!

I delivered him home myself. And he got to know a couple of his new brothers…


And Jake!

In case you’re staring off into space thinking that those names seem REALLY familiar… yes. We have adopted Aramis and he is now a permanent resident!

Deciding to adopt Aramis (yes, we’ve renamed him, more on that in a sec) was tough because I was SO VERY drawn to d’Artagnan. If you didn’t already know that I am head over heels for d’Artagnan, you’ve maybe not been paying attention. I have NOT been subtle in the slightest, I’ve practically dropped to one knee and proposed. BUT I had to admit that he is really too much kitten for Alice, who is scared of kittens and tends to run from them, which of course they think is fun and so they chase her (“Stop running and just smack him!” I’ve encouraged many times, but Alice just doesn’t listen.)

As is our way, we dithered back and forth between adopting d’Artagnan and Aramis (BUT THEN PORTHOS WOULD BE ALONE AT PETSMART), adopting just Aramis, and at one point Fred was pushing to adopt all three and stop fostering entirely.

We agreed Monday evening that we didn’t need to adopt any of them, they would be FINE, and then I woke up Tuesday morning knowing that we needed to adopt Aramis and let d’Artagnan and Porthos go to Petsmart together in hopes that they would be adopted as a pair. Fred agreed, and it was decided.

Now, for his new name. When he knows I’m on the other side of a door and he can hear me, he WAIIIIIIILS like his little heart is broken. And so he is now Charles, Prince of Wails. Charlie for short, of course. (Charlie is one of my favorite names.) (Until that name popped into my head, he was going to be Jiminy because of his cricket purr.)

So that is the story of how we have adopted a foster kitten for the first time in years. I think he’ll be a good uncle to future fosters (but if he doesn’t wanna, that’s okay! No pressure.) We’re doing a soft release where he can come downstairs when he wants to during the day, and then spends the nights in the foster room with the other Mewsketeers. That’s been going on for a couple of days now. He and Jake are already becoming friends, and he and Archie have played together.

(That makes 7 permanent residents for us now, in case you’re wondering.)


Constance’s spay surgery yesterday went absolutely fine. She is spayed, vaccinated and ID chipped, and she and Rochefort will go home Saturday! Cat (their new Mom) has promised a Facebook page.

“I thought Aramis was going HOME, lady.”

I left that container on the floor for 10 seconds and it was instantly claimed, of course.

She is SUCH a pretty girl.

A little attitude from d’Artagnan.


Welcome to the permanent resident roster, Charlie.


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