10-16-20 Friday

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Does Eclair have a tail?

She does!


How did you prevent Candy Apple and Snowcone’s fleas from spreading to the bunch? How do you manage fleas generally? Whenever we get them it’s so hard to get rid of them!

They were flea-free by the time they came to me. If they’d had fleas, I would have bathed them (using Dawn), combed them with a flea comb, dosed them with Capstar and then put Advantage on them. Unless I know for sure that a kitten was flea-treated before I got them, I treat them with Advantage immediately whether I see fleas or not. We’ve never had a flea infestation in our house since we started fostering. (All cats, permanent and fosters, are treated with Revolution or Advantage monthly.)


Watching your vids on YT, I’m wondering how you’re able to spend quality snuggle time with this crew. Are there a “core” group you snuggle with regularly? Are some just so busy they don’t make time to snuggle? That kitten room is SO busy and active!

Basically I go into the room, sit down, get a lap full of kittens, and the rest of them occasionally come over for attention when they’re not too busy playing. The only kitten I’ve had to seek out because she wasn’t coming over for petting was Annie Oakley, who has since changed her tune and will come climb into my lap.

The Bills (Buffalo Bill and Wild Bill Hickok) are always the first ones into my lap, followed pretty quickly by Candy Apple, Fritter and Pretzel, and Snowcone. The rest come by for a snuggle then race off to play.


Since tails are supposed to help cats balance, it will be interesting to compare the Nubs’ antics with the other kittens who have tails.

So far I’ve noticed no difference in the non-tailed kittens’ ability to balance. And they kind of seem to bounce faster across the room. Maybe they’re more aerodynamic with no pesky tails to slow them down.


This featured bunch of kittens’ mom is a longhair dilute tortie with a full tail? Squee! I have the desire to snuggle her… but was she the feral?

I’m not sure whether Cotton Candy (the mother to the no-tail and bob-tail kittens) is full-on feral, but she’s definitely on the scared side. Hopefully Michelle will be able to charm her.


Will these little ones need to be spayed/neutered? If yes, when will that begin? Some seem heavy enough already.

They all will need to be spayed & neutered, and I have no idea when that will happen. They’re still on a course of antibiotics because of their sneezing and snottiness (which is improved some), and the vet Forgotten Felines uses has been incredibly busy (as is the spay/neuter clinic), so it might be a while.


Has Charlie met all of his new brothers and sister yet?

He has met them all, and some of them have been more accepting than others. He’s played with Jake, Khal and Archie, and has been seen rubbing up against Newt (who tolerates it until he doesn’t) more than once. Alice just smacks him if he gets too close, and Dewey looks through him.

Charlie’s getting used to the routine around here, and in fact if I don’t go upstairs by 9:30, he comes to let me know it’s bed time. He starts out the night snuggled up against me, occasionally retreats to his pile of beds at the end of the bed, and comes back for more snuggles when the mood strikes.


Oh my, what’s up with Alexandra’s eyes? Maybe it’s just the lighting but she looks like her upper eyelids are shaved!

It’s due to her head injury – I think the dent in her head has pushed her eyes up a bit, which is pushing the eyelids out a little. (She can close her eyes just fine and the eyelids don’t seem to cause an issue.)


I’m really wondering why you didn’t stop at the traditional 5. What caused you to take on 15? Was Michelle pressed for space? Not enough foster people to take the others? That’s a detail I missed in the story.

Yes and yes – Michelle is always pressed for space and there’s nothing near enough fosters in this area. (To be fair, when Michelle (jokingly) offered me all the kittens, I don’t think she expected me to say yes.)

(I should add that although these are great kittens and the room doesn’t seem THAT crowded and it’s not like I’m asking him to help medicate 15 kittens twice a day, Fred has requested that I not agree to 15 kittens again in the future, ever.)


Fritter from above. PRETTY BOY.

Fritter and Snowcone have a tussle.

French Fry (or possibly Onion Ring) needs a snuggle.

Annie Oakley and Calamity Jane have a snuggle.

Funnel Cake is a pretty boy.

Eclair with the fabulous whiskers.

That trash can isn’t really a trash can – it lives at the bottom of the stairs and collects dirty dishtowels and cat beds, and when it’s full I bring it upstairs and dump the dirty laundry into the basket atop the dryer. Kittens always love to play on and in the empty can.

Annie Oakley’s all “Hey lady! I sees you!”

Davy Crockett’s watching me.

I love Pretzel’s white locket.

Hush Puppy just noticed the ceiling fan.

French Fry has a little crush on the ceiling fan.

Candy Apple keeps an eye on things.


Archie loves a nice fall day.


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