10-18-20 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr Roundup.

Tater Tot in a teacup.

Porthos & d’Artagnan, such posers.

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Post-breakfast playtime. They really like that mylar ball!

Hooray, hooray, d’Artagnan & Porthos were adopted (together!) today! They’re keeping their names, and join an older kitty in their new home, and a dog. Their new family is going to have SO MUCH FUN! Happy life, sweet boys. ❤️

Good night innernets. (Candy Apple)

Breakfast is served! (This time all 15 are there. I counted!)⁠

Here are pictures of d’Artagnan (top) and Porthos on July 21st (left) and yesterday (about an hour before they headed home.) D’Artagnan’s pictures KILL ME because he still has that exact same face. And Porthos was so tiny! (And in case you missed it, they were adopted together yesterday!)

Fritter is all “Um, lady? There are toys in here. I want them. GIVE THEM TO ME.”

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Permanent resident Archie assures you that he does, indeed, play.

Is it just me, or does French Fry kinda look like a mountain goat here?

Good night innernets. (Athos and Charlie-formerly-Aramis)

The Vittles kittens have been with us for a week, and I’ve finally gotten their Glamour Shots pictures. Here’s the first litter (another collage of 5 tomorrow and the last Thursday.) They’re all siblings, are 11 weeks old tomorrow, and are the kittens of Pistol Annie (I will post her picture in a couple of hours!) They’re doing great, are proving to be a friendly bunch (Annie Oakley took several days to decide I’m okay – and still isn’t crazy about being picked up.)⁠

A note about the names: yes, they are awesome names, but all the Vittles came to me pre-named. I also didn’t name the Mewsketeers or the Fluffles (I thought I had mentioned that, but perhaps not.) I haven’t named kittens since the Mewchachos back in… February? Was that February? Of THIS year? It feels like it was a decade ago.

This is Pistol Annie, mama to Annie Oakley, Buffalo Bill, Calamity Jane, Davy Crockett & Wild Bill Hickok. She’s currently at Michelle’s house; Michelle is working on convincing her that people can be trusted – Pistol Annie runs hot and cold on the topic, but if anyone can convince her, it’s Michelle!

SMIIIIIILE! (Wild Bill Hickok)

Buffalo Bill really likes the pull tab on my zipper. (Buffalo Bill also got those claws trimmed right after I took this picture!)

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Play time in the kitten room! (I know, I know, it’s always play time in the kitten room. I swear they don’t sleep.)

Hooray, hooray, Athos was adopted and went home today! He joins two kitties and a dog in his new home – and it didn’t take him any time at all to start exploring his new home, with his tail straight up in the air. ❤️ His name will be changed – it’s under negotiation, they’ll let me know the final decision!⁠

Good night innernets. (Permanent resident Charlie; formerly Aramis.)

Here is Athos (who was adopted yesterday!) in mid-July (left) and yesterday. He’s always been a cutie!

Here’s the second set of Vittles Kittens Glamour Shots (the first 5 were posted yesterday, and the last will be up tomorrow.) They’re all siblings, are 12 weeks old as of yesterday, and are the kittens of Cotton Candy (I will post her picture in a couple of hours!) They’re doing great, are proving to be a friendly bunch, and of note none of them have full tails – Onion Ring and French Fry have no tails; the others have very short nubs.

This is Cotton Candy, mama to Funnel Cake, Tater Tot, Onion Ring, Hush Puppy and French Fry. Her story is that she was left in a trailer park. A young lady had been working on befriending her for a year and just got to where she could pet her. She realized she was about to deliver kittens and brought her in in the nick of time because the next day she delivered. However 3 of them had backwards feet so she looked for help – Michelle took them and splinted their feet, and they’re perfectly fine now. (Cotton Candy is currently at Michelle’s house.)

That pink chair suits you perfectly, Onion Ring. 🧡⁠

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Play time! Zoom zoom zoom!

Wahhhh! Buffalo Bill is DaBAYbee

Tater Tot is one adorably floofy girl.

Good night innernets. (Funnel Cake & Tater Tot.)

In case you wondered where #CharlesPrinceOfWails was going to sleep once his brothers were adopted…

The last set of Vittles Kittens Glamour Shots (the first 5 were posted Tuesday and the 2nd 5 yesterday.) ⁠

Candy Apple (girl) & Snowcone (boy) are brother and sister, found in the middle of the road and saved by a lady and her husband. (They’re 11 weeks old tomorrow.)⁠

Fritter (boy) and Pretzel (girl) were born to Dolly Madison at Michelle’s house. No one realized she was pregnant until she gave birth, and that poor girl was TERRIFIED of her kittens (there was a third kitten who passed away). They’re 12 weeks old today. (I’ll share a picture of Dolly Madison in a couple of hours.)⁠

Eclair (girl) is unrelated to any of the others. She showed up in someone’s yard in an area where cats are regularly abandoned. Her guesstimated date of birth makes her just over 10 weeks old.

This sweet girl is Dolly Madison, mama to Fritter and Pretzel. She was part of a huge hoarding case in Jackson County (Alabama) and came to Michelle’s along with her sisters Little Debbie and Sarah Lee. No one realized she was pregnant until she was in the midst of birthing kittens; poor Dolly had no idea what was going on and was terrified of her kittens. She is currently still at Michelle’s house.

It’s Thlurrrpsday, and you know what that means. Here’s Calamity Jane, showing off her thlurrrping skills. Nicely done, sweet girl.

It’s Thlurrrpsday, and Fritter* shows off a thlurrrp-with-tongue-curl. Nicely done!⁠

*I think it’s Fritter, but I’m not 100% sure because I can’t see his collar and am not entirely sure whether he has a tail. If he has a tail, it’s Fritter. If he doesn’t, it’s Onion Ring.

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First they eats the dinner and then they has the zoomies.

Snowcone shows off his Thlurrrpsday skills!

Last but certainly not least on this Thlurrrpsday, let’s please admire how Annie Oakley has spectacular thlurrrping skills.

Good night innernets. (Eclair)⁠

There are 13 kittens in this picture (missing are Davy Crockett and Fritter.)

Wild Bill Hickok in mid-leap with his big ol’ feet in the air and Funnel Cake not knowing what hit him: this picture makes me laugh ’til I wheeze.

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A little bit of skitterbugging, a little bit of racing. Just the usual foster room shenanigans.

Snowcone and the post-breakfast belly.

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By request, a longer kittens-playing video!

Tater Tot loves the bottom level of that ham-mick.

Onion Ring investigates the structural integrity of this cabinet. It’ll do, he supposes.

Good night innernets. (Charlie-formerly-Aramis)⁠

Good morning to you, good morning to you! We are all in our places with grumpy little faces and I say to you, good morning to you! Good morning Calamity Jane!

Camera straps are a very tasty mid-morning snack, Wild Bill would like y’all to know.

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This video is from last weekend – I got everyone’s name right except at the very beginning I called Candy Apple by her brother Snowcone’s name.

We have an update on the kitten formerly known as Athos!⁠

Amy says: “Athos has been re-named…Leo! He has big paws that pad around the house reminding us of a lion! We’re considering a couple of different middle names, include Houdini and Jitterbug…lol. ⁠

It took him a couple of days to settle down – he was constantly moving, to the point that we couldn’t even get a photo. The first day after we got him, he was scared of everything…both our cats and our dog, any loud noise, any sudden movements. Yesterday he came downstairs on his own (he’s sleeping in our son’s room on the 2nd floor) and just skittered to every room checking EVERYTHING out. Yay progress! ⁠

Our Calico wants nothing to do with Leo, but then she doesn’t want anything to do with our other orange tabby, Dreyfus, either. Our dog, who is as sweet as can be, hasn’t really met Leo yet. He’s usually asleep on his bed in the living room at night and in the sunroom during the day. Leo has cautiously approached his slumbering body at night but then usually runs off when he moves. Our other orange tabby, Dreyfus, alternates between wanting to play with Leo and wanting to swat at him a bit. But I think they’ll eventually be good friends. Leo does have an obsession with our daughter’s hedgehog. We don’t know if he thinks she is a toy or what but he seems to have no fear of her spikes! He has sniffed her and touched her spiky back with his paw with no complaint of pain or anything. ⁠

Today Leo got up in my husband’s lap and laid down for a nap – first time for that too. He’s been generally napping in the “safe harbor” under our son’s bed! ⁠

Leo is quite smart, loves to bat around the black fuzzy ball that came with him from Robyn’s house and remembers where he puts it, and really likes to play inside big cardboard boxes. He also watches TV! ⁠

Orange tabbies must all be loud jumpers – we thought it was because our older one is 14 pounds, but Leo is almost as loud as Dreyfus when he’s jumping from any surface! Our calico on the other hand is stealthy and silent when she does so. LOL. ⁠

We’re very much enjoying having Leo as part of our family!”⁠

(Thanks, Amy!!)

Tater Tot hanging out in the Fruittasan, keeping an eye on things.

Good night innernets. (Annie Oakley (back, left), Buffalo Bill (black kitten), Candy Apple (dilute calico) and Calamity Jane (calico, front.))


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