10-15-20 Thursday

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Today, the last 5 kittens and their Glamour Shots! I think of these guys as “the add-ins” because they’re not all related to each other.

Candy Apple.





Candy Apple and Snowcone are brother and sister. Leslie and Daniel (who are FF fosters and who help out at Michelle’s a lot) happened to see a post about them on Facebook. A lady found them in the road where they’d likely been dumped, with a deceased sibling nearby. The lady and her husband knew nothing about kittens but spent hours picking 300+ fleas off of them and were trying to find kitten formula. Since the litter that included Tater Tot and her siblings were about the same age, Leslie asked if they could add Snowcone and Candy Apple to that litter, and Michelle said they could. (Their guesstimated date of birth makes them 11 weeks old tomorrow.)

Fritter and Pretzel were born to Dolly Madison at Michelle’s house. Dolly Madison was part of a huge hoarding case in Jackson County (Alabama) and came to Michelle’s along with her sisters Little Debbie and Sarah Lee. No one realized she was pregnant until she was in the midst of birthing kittens; poor Dolly had no idea what was going on and was terrified of her kittens. She is currently still at Michelle’s house. Their date of birth makes them 12 weeks old today.

Eclair is unrelated to any of the others. She showed up in someone’s yard in an area where cats are regularly abandoned. Her guesstimated date of birth makes her just over 10 weeks old.

Their weights range from 2 pounds (Snowcone) to 2 pounds, 13 ounces (Fritter.)


Look how PRETTY Wild Bill’s eyes are.

Calamity Jane has a think.

“This here is MY basket, lady,” says Davy Crockett.

Yes, there’s a feather teaser up there. We have the three stub-tailed and no-tailed kittens over there on the left – Onion Ring, French Fry and Hush Puppy – little Buffalo Bill in the back, Calamity Jane next to the ham-mick, Snowcone ON the ham-mick, orange Funnel Cake in front of her, and Wild Bill thinking about making a leap there in the front.

Another look at Davy Crockett ’cause he’s just so CUTE.

Annie Oakley takes a rest in the box of toys while she tries on her Ears of Annoyance.

The ham-mick is a hit, to say the least.


Alice is a fan of HER ham-mick (located on the screened-in porch).

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