10-15-18 Monday

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Axle on the scratcher, giving me a little attitude.

Clutch needs a kiss.

Gauge could use a kiss also!

I love how half of Dynamo’s muzzle is gray and the other half peachy-pink.

Cam, keeping an eye on me (and Solenoid’s photobomb in the background is cracking me up!)

Cruise goes for the streeetch.

Pulley in the scratcher bowl. They love that thing!

Solenoid (current nickname: Soli (pronounced “So-lee”)) keeps an eye on me.

I just can’t stand how gorgeous Ryder is.

SO pretty.

Fender in the big basket with Pete the Cat.


Sheriff Mama (Kara) patrolling the property.


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10-15-18 Monday — 7 Comments

  1. Have a great time in Florida!

    You know they will require approximately 484 kisses each when you get home.

  2. Have a great time in Myrtle Beach! Thankfully Hurricane Florence didn’t do too much damage. Our NC neighbors bore the brunt of that storm.

    Ha I wonder if we crossed paths at the Charlotte airport? Or can you get a direct flight to MB?

  3. All the kittens have this forlorn look today saying “You needed to take me with you lady. Why did you not take me with you? I have never seen the beach. I NEED to see the beach.”

  4. Echoing the ‘have a great time’ sentiment!

    Is it me or does Ryder look less suspicious and skeptical and more “hiiiii” than she did when she got here?

  5. I wonder how many of the kittens/cats will be wearing crocheted hats by the time you get home??

    Have fun!