10-16-18 Tuesday

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Cruise sharpens her claws while giving me attitude because she’s a multi-tasker.

Clutch and Axle, racing around the room.

Axle loves the feather hanging from the ess. I’m a little surprised he hasn’t chewed it off yet – they usually do by now!

“I know how to properly play with my toys without breaking them, lady!”

Gauge has claimed that ball as his.

That track toy gives Axle the Crazy Eyes.

Solenoid enjoys that catnip PB&J toy. She may be a ‘niphead, like her mama.

Cam balancing atop the track toy tower. “The better to keep an eye on you, lady!”

“That’s right, I’m playing with this spring. You gots a problem with that?”

Fender, keeping an eye on Pete the Cat.

Have I mentioned that those spring toys are a favorite?

Eye on the ball.


King of the Loons. That stump is Jake’s favorite place to hang out (and doesn’t he look especially loony here?)


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10-16-18 Tuesday — 4 Comments

  1. I love Jake.

    I’d love to see what the Bag o’ Toys they get sent home with looks like (is that a weird request?)!

  2. And I hope there are Myrtle Beach photos!! hope the weather is great enough for some photos, at least.
    Jake is definitely tuning loons!

  3. Axel’s eyes are still so BLUE! Those springs are my Colby’s favorite toy EVER. Sometimes he leaves them in my bed for me.

    Have fun in Myrtle Beach!