10-17-18 Wednesday

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Solenoid’s serious little face kills me.

Gauge hanging out in the scratcher bowl playing with a toy mouse, as you do.

Solenoid looks like she’s playing a flute.

Tuxie sisters.

Well, that looks comfy.

I’m not sure Axle knows what he’s doing, here.

Pulley and Fender keeping an eye on me.

Dynamo and the tiny tongue.

Pulley examines the track toy.

Pulley’s all “I sees you, lady.”

“I SEES you!”

Solenoid has a complaint. “I was laying in this scratcher bowl and then SUDDENLY they all started piling in and now I’m SQUOOSHED and I DON’T LIKE IT.”


Alice Mo in the pot o’ catnip getting her nom on.

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