10-15-19 Tuesday

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Gabrielle flirting with the ceiling fan pull.

Luc has captured the feather teaser.

Henri wonders – “You talkin’ to ME?”

“Am havin’ a snooze, lady.”

Oh, that Henri. Couldn’t you just kiss him?

Beauregard with attitude.

Sleepy little muffins. That’s Henri belly-up, Beauregard on the left, Josephine on the right.

“Watchin’ you, lady.” (Henri)

Luc and Josephine wonder if I’m going to get the feather teaser out.


Archie’s hoping a chipmunk wanders by.


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10-15-19 Tuesday — 4 Comments

  1. Love these babies!!! Also, I wish to nap upon the sofa with the kitten blanket… it looks like just the spot.