6-19-19 Wednesday

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Oh, that Esmee. I could just squoosh her.

Antoine and Amelie in the crate with the Ikea rat. Fred hates those rat toys because at first glance they look like kittens. But the kittens love them, and so do Katriane and Margeaux, so we took a vote and Fred lost.

Katriane wants none of my nonsense. (The only thing I didn’t like about this room as the foster room is that the washer and dryer are in the room (behind those white doors to the left), but given how much constant laundry I’ve been doing since I got these kittens, it’s come in VERY handy. I’ve blocked the space between the washer and dryer, and the spaces on either side (between the machines and the wall), so the kittens can’t get back there.) (I sense that you are about to tell me your kitten-in-the-washer-or-dryer horror story, so just know that even though the kittens are far too small to jump into either machine, I always do a head count before I start the washer or dryer.)

Francois: possibly Da BAYbee.

Sleepy Jacques.

Francois and Antoine, snuggled up to the stuffed bunny. Look at the little SMILE on Antoine’s face. Could you just die?

Sleepy stripey Amelie.

Sleepy Francois.

He’s not even nursing, he’s just snoozing against her. He loves his mama.

They love snoozing on that scratcher, can you tell?


Frankie’s all “Come ON, man, give someone else a turn at the ‘nip!”


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