6-6-19 Thursday

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Caroline and Almanzo, checking out the bathroom sink.

“But why is it WET?!” Almanzo wonders.

A man and his mouse.

Charles has discovered a new favorite place – this bed on the cabinet by the window. I think he likes to watch squirrels run around out there.

Almanzo, keeping Fred company while he works.


Please admire that adorably spotted belly. (Amelie)

Margeaux, waiting patiently for the petting.

Esmee’s all “What?”

“They can’t get to me up here, lady. Sometimes a NotMama needs some time alone.”

“Hey! She GOTS a milk bar, but it’s not stocked!” Amelie just can’t figure this out.

Not much bigger than an Ikea rat.

Jacques is kinda floofy.

Margeaux takes a snooze.


Awww. (Frankie & Jake)


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