6-9-19 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr Roundup.

Almanzo getting in some snuggles with Pa.

Good night, innernets. (Charles)

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Almanzo is the sweet boy.

Okay, y’all. Stop worrying about Almanzo, he is FINE, he’s not the slightest bit stressed or lonely, I promise you. We got an application on him yesterday from a wonderful family; I took him to PetSmart yesterday afternoon to meet them, and he made a love connection. References still have to be checked and all that, but I suspect that they are meant to be his family. I know y’all think he should go with Charles and Caroline, but I believe this is a better fit for him. So keep your fingers crossed for him, and hopefully he’ll get to go home soon!

Good night, innernets. (Almanzo)

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Our CatLady box was a doozie this month!

People of the innernets, please allow me to begin formally introducing the new fosters, in case you didn’t/don’t read the blog. Here we have the only boy, Jacques. He’s the best at eating off the plate, though he also likes to lay in the plate while he’s eating, so he’s always got dried food on his chest. He’s 5 weeks old, is a litterbox-using champion, and finds toys somewhat puzzling. He’s a hefty 14 ounces, and he’s adorable, as you can see.

Just pausing in the introduction of the new fosters to let you know that you can follow Albert and Willie on Instagram now! Go say hi to Albert and Willie!

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Ma & Pa fighting.

Tiny tabby girl Amelie says hello. She’s 5 weeks old, trying to figure out this whole “eating” thing, and likes to keep a little extra food at the corners of her mouth in case she gets hungry. She’s got great big eyes, a big round belly, and skinny little legs. She’s small – about 9 oz – but feisty and doesn’t hesitate to jump on her bigger brother and take him down. I think Amelie is going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Continuing the introductions, please say hello to Esmee, the tiny meezer girl with the big attitude. This little cutie knows what she wants to eat, when she wants to eat it, and when she is done. If I’m trying to be sneaky and get just a tiny bit more food in her mouth she holds up her itty bitty paw, says “Madame I am done. Unhand me,” hops down and is on her way. She’s the tiniest of the three, but easily holds her own while tussling with her siblings. She is utterly adorable, and once she gets a decent bath, you’ll be able to see just how cute she really is.

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Caroline keeping Almanzo clean (and kicking his butt.)

To round out the new foster introductions, please say hello Margeaux. She came to us along with the three kittens; she been at a local shelter after being rescued from a hoarding situation alongside 11 other female cats and some number of kittens. We were told she was the mom, but she wasn’t producing milk and an exam by the vet showed that if she had ever produced milk, it had completely dried up. We’re pretty sure she’s not the mom. She’s sweet to the kittens, will let them comfort nurse on her, might occasionally lick them on the head, but that’s about as far as she’s willing to go. She was timid at first but after about a day she started coming over to be petted, and now will come over immediately to be petted and will stand there forever while you pet her. She is an extremely sweet girl and will stay here with us for the time being.

Good night, innernets. (Almanzo)

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Amelie the squeaky wheel.

Meezer pile. (Amelie rolled out of the box an instant before I took the picture; you can see her feet at the bottom of the pic.)

Jacques has got some serious whiskers.

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Esmee the sassy little muffin.

Good night, innernets. (Almanzo)

Amelie’s figuring out this “eating” thing.

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Meezer tusslin’.

Hurray, hurray, Almanzo went home today!!! He’s got two big sisters (humans), a big kitty sister, a big doggy brother (a Belgian Tervuren!) and is going to have a wonderful life. Happy life, sweet boy! ❤️❤️❤️

An update on Almanzo! ❤️ “Good Morning! I wanted to let you know Almanzo did great last night. Him and Alf [dog] are getting along well! Madison [kitty] is still angry at us but she will get over it 🤣 Almanzo slept great and ate a little bit for me. He did not like me being in the shower though, he tried so hard to get in there with me!! He loved playing with his big human sisters this morning.” I’ve already told Amanda that I expect a picture when she finds Almanzo and Alf snuggled up together! 😻

Getting Caroline acclimated to her travelin’ harness. She tried to outrun it for a while, but now she has accepted that she looks fabulous. (Charles has a pink harness too!)

Good night, innernets. (Charles)

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Caroline playing with her favorite toy.

Hurray, hurray, Charles and Caroline were adopted today!!! I just handed them off, they’re headed to a wonderful home in Michigan!!! Happy life, sweet babies. ❤️

We have an update on Charles and Caroline!! “We are home safe and sound. They have been busy investigating their new “room”. They are both coming to me for loves and pets, purring, and smiles. Charles is more concerned about the doggies and kitties on the other side of the door.😳 They are loving their new view. Please update their fans. We will start a FB/Instagram page for them soon😍 ” (Their Facebook page is here; their Instagram page is here.)

When he was with us he was Almanzo – now he’s Cooper, and you can follow him along with his big doggy brother Alf and his big kitty sister Madison! Go follow him on Facebook here, and Instagram here.


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