6-18-19 Tuesday

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“Why are they climbing, lady? Who’s teaching them to climb?” (Margeaux, Madeline and Francois)

Oh, that Antoine. He has just the SWEETEST face.

Katriane climbed into my lap and Antoine said “Ooh, milk bar!”, and Margeaux said “Harrumph.”

I love that Amelie climbs right in among Katriane’s kittens and makes herself at home.

No one poops without snoopervision.

Jacques the little poser.

Amelie does a little dance.

“Really, lady? Where is Margeaux and why isn’t she helping me?”

“You’re doing great, sweetie!”

Margeaux on the floor, Katriane on the tree. They certainly do look like sisters, don’t they?


Frankie in the back yard.

One day last week, Fred reported that Frankie had a sudden attack of the zoomies, raced across the back yard, and climbed one of the trees, hung there, then jumped down and sauntered away. When I checked the Nest camera in the back yard, I found that it had been perfectly captured. So here you go – Frankie with the zoomies.

(Note to newer readers – we have a cat fence around our back yard; the cats can’t escape the back yard, which is the only reason they’re allowed out there. We bring them inside before dusk.)

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