6-18-17 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr Roundup.

A little floof to start off your day?

Looks like Roux has donned her judgey pants.

Good morning, sunshine.

Did you know that in mere WEEKS, this gorgeous girl will be available for adoption? Nola is guesstimated to be a little more than a year old, and she has now had her last litter. She’s been a wonderful mama to her 4 kittens, but now it’s her turn to be the BAYbee.

Nola is a bit timid and takes her time warming up to you, but once she decides you’re okay, she lets you know by sitting next to you and draping her fabulous tail over your leg. She’s got lots of soft floofy fur and while she doesn’t ADORE being brushed, she tolerates it well. She is a sweet, gentle girl who only turns wild-eyed if you dangle a feather teaser in front of her, and then she takes that teaser DOWN.

She’s a bit of a talker, especially if left alone, and has the sweetest little chirp. I don’t believe she has interest in being a lapcat, but she’s very happy to sit next to you and be petted.

I’m not sure how she is with other cats, but judging by how curious (and not at all agitated) she is at seeing other cats on the other side of the foster room door, I expect she’ll be fine.

Nola is located in North Alabama, in the Huntsville area. If you’re interested in meeting her or discussing the adoption procedure, contact Forgotten Felines of Huntsville.

Floofy perfection.

“Helloooo innernets!”

Readying his Slappin’ Paw for the long day ahead.

Flirty girl. (Praline)

That is one fabulously floofy basket.

Good night, innernets.


Good night, innernets.

Good night, innernets.

A visit from Dewey.

One box o’ floof, coming right up!


The Week in Kittens – 10 weeks old!

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  1. Seriously, the most flooftastic of all the Anderson Foster Families. I am going to miss this bunch when they go to their Forever Homes!!!